Recessed lightings are good because they fit very well in every kind of ceilings and that is why; it is mostly used in retail spaces, offices and other commercial areas.

Those who do commercial light supply, they always go for recessed lightings because these lights can laminate and transform a place into a different and beautiful one. These lights are very good for workplaces because they can accentuate cabins and workstations. So it can give a workplace a very sophisticated look.

The trims of recessed lights are used for three major purposes. They are;

  • To conceal the lamp or the housing behind them.
  • To direct and shape the beam of light.
  • To decorate the aesthetic of the surroundings.

But yes, choosing the right trim for the right space is a bit of a tricky job.  There are various types of trims available and each of them can provide different ways by which a light can be directed to create a different environment.

Here are the popular types of trims available from which one can choose according to their needs.

Baffle Trim

These are the most common types of trims available and they are mostly used in residential homes to illuminate dining halls, living rooms, and bedrooms. The inside surface of this trim is ribbed and so they feature a large uniform groove which is mainly designed to trap and absorb the excess light. The lamp of this trim minimizes the glare and so it softens the bright light. This makes it more comfortable for the human eyes.

Reflector Trim

They are mostly preferred in spaces where bright lights are needed. They are mainly used in high ceilings, kitchens and other commercial spaces. Here the reflector trim has some highly polished smooth inner surface which maximizes the beam spread of the light. Also, the inside of the surface is available in assortments of tints which creates an atmosphere wherever it is installed.

Open Trims

These trims are very simple and it has a ring flash around the lamp. They expose as much light as possible to enhance the environment. They are mostly available in an assortment of colors.

Lens Trims

These trims have a glass lens that covers the lamp. The cover of this is designed to protect the light bulb and interior house of the bulb from moisture. This is a type of trim which is mostly used in showers, bathrooms and closer areas which are mainly exposed to moisture or water.

Pinhole Trims

They help to concentrate the beam to spread light properly. This is kind of similar to spotlights. This has a great highlight and it draws attention to display some artwork which is directly located below the downlight.

Wall Wash Trims

They project direct lights on the wall and it minimizes the texture and gloss over the imperfections. They highlight a particular area.

So, one can always go for commercial recessed lights but they do need to know which trim to use with that.