For alcoholics, it’s hard to keep up with drinking. Also, even if you think you understand the problems that drinking causes, fully admitting that your patient is addicted is a denial of your life.

Therefore, it is only necessary for the patient to change “self” with humility and gratitude, and to live for himself, that “human relations” are important in the flow of treatment. The first thing to do is to realize the need to change behaviors and ways of thinking, such as finding value in living for the people and society around us.

Creating an environment to continue abstinence

The understanding and support of people around us, such as family members and colleagues, is essential for alcoholics to endure their desire to drink or to experience re-drinking while moving toward recovery. In addition, in the rehabilitation process of alcoholics, it is necessary to create an optimal treatment environment, such as providing a place where people can gather in person.

The goal of recovery from alcoholism is to participate in society and create a lifestyle on the premise of abstinence from alcohol. In other words, the patient is not just returning to his or her original life, but being reborn. To that end, it is important to rebuild alcohol-free life and family relationships.

Family members also receive treatment and education and learn how to treat patients

Families with alcoholics for many years are often mentally exhausted due to various drinking problems. When a family member falls into such a state, they unknowingly take over the problem and lose the opportunity for the patient to become aware of the problem.

Participation in a self-help group helps to stop drinking

Alcohol addiction is also referred to as an “interpersonal illness,” and many patients live with difficulty living even when they are not drinking alcohol. In such a situation, it is not easy for the patient to continue to abstain from alcohol alone. Continuing to abstain from alcohol requires meeting and supporting people who have the same suffering.

Participation in day care at a specialized Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai

Alcohol addiction can have many complications, which can lead to various problems during the course of treatment. Therefore, for mental and physical management that is difficult for patients themselves, it is one way to consider participating in daycare where medical staffs are residents.

Alcohol Rehabilitation in India is a type of rehabilitation performed at an outpatient clinic, such as a specialized Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai. In Alcohol Rehabilitation in India, in order to make effective use of free time during the day, you will learn how to learn regular life rhythms and build smooth relationships through various activities with other outpatients. Specific activities are carried out by combining cooking, painting, sports, music, outing events, etc. with an alcohol education program, aiming for social participation at the patient’s pace.
After retiring, people who became alcoholics because they didn’t know how to spend their free time during the day become able to compete in their daily lives by participating in Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai, and they were able to continue to abstain from alcohol.