You’ll have no problem finding yourself at the airport. Special permits have been issued for approximately 360 taxis and 270 limousines to serve passengers arriving at the airport. These regulations are intended for the comfort and safety of passengers arriving on incoming flights and then returning to their destination. Permits are issued to ensure that limousines meet the required standards and are charged at a substantial rate at fixed rates, depending on the distance traveled by passengers.

However, if you choose to rent from a particular company, or a particular type of lemon that you particularly like, it is best to plan ahead.

There are some restrictions on getting a limo service from Toronto airport. It might be a good idea to inquire a little.

The Greater Toronto Airport Authority (GTAA) is responsible for regulating Toronto Pearson International Airport, the busiest airport in Canada and handling more than 30 million passengers annually. In addition to the other three airports. Billy Bishop has two smaller airports than Toronto City Airport, located on the Toronto Islands, and Toronto Municipal Buttonville Airport in Markham. It is followed by Toronto Downsio Airport, but is owned by Canada de Hewland and is for the exclusive use of an aircraft factory.

The Toronto Licensing Commission is the organization that issues taxi licenses. They offer a variety of taxi and limo training courses, as well as refresher courses if needed. All these measures help to keep the quality of drivers and their vehicles as high as possible.

The Greater Toronto Airport Authority issues licenses and instructions for taxis and limousines at the airport itself.

Taxis and Toronto Limousines  can drop off passengers at Toronto Pearson International Airport in West Toronto, Missouri. However, picking up and dropping off passengers is a different story and requires additional permits. If you arrive at the airport, there are usually several taxis and limousines authorized to take you to your destination. There are usually no reservations.

However, if you would like a specific limo in Toronto or have special needs such as access to a car seat or wheelchair, this must be agreed prior to booking at the airport when booking your seat on the flight. taken.

Although prices are set in advance, there may be additional costs for items such as additional costs and modes of transportation.

Once you arrive at Toronto airport, you have many options for getting there. But Lemo services give you a truly superior travel experience. Yes, traveling by bus can save you a lot of money. But what if your business has an urgent appointment? Time can be an important factor and you need to hire a limo service to get to your destination on time.

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Where can you find them?

Here are specific places where you can rent lemons. You can easily get off at these stations and rent your own lemon.

Hall 1 (closed) – B1 area

Terminal 1 (International) – D3

Hall 3 (domestic) – 19 jobs

Terminal 3 (International) – Post 35

make a reservation in advance

Advance reservation is not required to leave the airport. However, you can consult any of the limousine companies to schedule a return limousine service to Toronto airport. On arrival, Terminal 1: Gate B3 or Terminal 3: Dispatcher will be alerted after 29.


There are 276 fully licensed limousines that guarantee their safety requirements. Passengers are also guaranteed durable and affordable prices.

Prices are set by default for Greater Toronto Area (GTA) regions. Additional city rates are available for locations outside of the GTA. For any region not listed, limousines cost $1.55/km (Canadian dollar exchange rate).

With the recent fuel tariff increase, Toronto airport limousine operators sometimes charge an additional fuel surcharge to the fuel surcharge. However, it is based on the average price of regular gasoline over a 90-day period as shown in the attached table.