The world of e-tendering is filled with different types of government tenders as a whole. Some of them have a higher tender amount while others offer a more satisfying job at a lower price. However, if you are looking for something designed for MSMEs and smaller companies, then the MOD tenders will be ideal for you. 

These tenders usually feature an appropriate tender amount while asking you to perform a minor-to-moderate form of task. Therefore, it will be a perfect option for you to improve your portfolio for a better future in e-tendering. 

But, with so many e-tendering websites available out there, which one should you choose for your purpose?

In our opinion, the best option in this aspect would always be BidAssist for you. It has a clean UI-based homepage, which can be ideal for beginners or less tech-savvy people. Moreover, the site also updates more than 15,000 government tenders regularly. 

So, you will always find something new and suitable here. 

Finally, if you create an account on the website, you will also be able to get notifications regarding new tenders and many more. 

How to Use BidAssist? 

Using BidAssist to find MOD tenders is not a difficult task. However, if you are new in this aspect, then be sure to try out the following steps. 

  • Firstly, you will need to visit the website of BidAssist by using the search engine (Google or Bing) on your computer (or mobile). 
  • Upon entering the site, you will find a search box located at the top section of the page. Now, you will need to click on it and write the name of the tender you are looking for. 
  • Once you click on the “search” button, you will get all the results that are relevant to the used keyword. 

Aside from this, you can also use the “category” section of BidAssist to find out different options that are suitable for your organization. 


Best MOD Tenders 

Some of the best MOD tenders are as follows – 

  • MOD Tender, Jalpaiguri: This tender is all about creating a bill of quantity for the Ministry of Defense in Jalpaiguri. It has an overall tender amount of INR 38.21 lacs and will be available until 24th July. However, if you want to know more about the tender, be sure to download the documents of the contracts. 
  • MOD Tender, Nagpur: With this MOD tender, you will get the chance to offer periodic maintenance and service to the buildings. It was released on 8th July and will be available until 19th July. In this aspect, the tender amount is around 1.08 lacs. So, if you have a small team of staff members, this project will be ideal for you. 
  • MOD Tender, Hisar: If you are looking for one of the most suitable government tenders for MSMEs, then this Hisar-based tender will be ideal for you. It asks you to provide a high-end projector system and has an overall tender amount of INR 25.00 lacs. However, you can only bid on it until 19th July

Conclusion So, these are some of the best MOD tenders that you can find on BidAssist right now. However, before you start bidding on your favorite contracts, be sure to check out their details properly. If you are going for a long-term job, it will be better for you to be as sure as possible about the deal. Good luck!