Summer is the best time to stock up on the latest summer wardrobe items. It is also the time to discover trendy and versatile footwear, like flip-flops, loafers, or sneakers. If you’re looking for footwear beyond regular flip-flops or loafers to pair up with your shorts and tees, consider a pair of huaraches. Huaraches are perfect for so many different looks in the summer.

The Five Ways to Style Huarache Sandals

Wear Themwith Your Usual Outfits: Try swapping your everyday sandals or shoes with huaraches to add a refreshing twist to your casual outfits. You can effortlessly infuse huaraches into your style. When heading out for a day at the beach or night out with friends, pair your look with Mexican sandals. They add an element of casual fun to your summer outfit ideas.

Wear Them with Summer Clothes: When pairing huaraches with your outfits, stick to lighter summer fabrics. For example, wearing closed-toe Mexican huaraches shoes with lightweight cotton chinos or linen pants and a t-shirt isperfectfor summer days. They also pair well with sundresses and summer skirts.

Quick Tip: Cuff your pants when wearing huaraches. It helps create a cleaner look.

Go fora Refined Summer Casual: Summer gives you the freedom to experiment with various fashion styles. Pair your huarache with a pair of wider or relaxed fit linen pants, a plain, light-colored tee, and an unlined summer blazer. You can mix and match different summer styles for entirely different looks. 

Summer Suitswith Huaraches: To dress down a classic look, pair huaraches with light-colored linen suits. This look is a great look for summer evenings and get-togethers. 

Sophisticated Summer Style: Summer style can be tricky even for a well-dressed gentleman. An easy go-to look for warm weather can be pairing your favorite huaraches with slacks and button-up shirts.

Quick Tip: Remember, you can wear these handwoven huaraches barefoot, so think about sizing down. 

Not that I need another shoe obsession, but I do love it when something has a little bit of nostalgia for me, and that is the huarache sandal. When I was a kid, I remember my mom having a few pairs. She would wear them all summer and with everything. She had white, tan, and even a multicolored pair, if my memory serves me right. I will never look at a pair of huaraches and not think of my mom.

The Huarache sandal has been around since prior to the 1400s and originated in Mexico. The word huarache is derived from the Purépecha word Karachi which translates directly to sandal in English. It’s incredible to think that a style like a huarache has been around for hundreds of years and continues to be a fashion staple.

when I received this pair of “Lucky Pennies” from them and have been wearing them non-stop ever since. Last weekend we went to my in-law’s house and spent the day running errands, having lunch, and just hanging out. My huaraches never failed me. You usually have to break in brand new leather shoes but the huaraches from Fiesta Feet are soft and mold to your foot almost instantly.

Another reason to love Fiesta Feet is that they’re a locally-owned company here in San Antonio. The huaraches are 100% handmade in Mexico and a portion of the proceeds goes directly to help Casa Kamami in Guadalajara. It is a foster home for abused girls, that provides onboard licensed doctors, psychologists, nutritionists, music teachers, and year-round schooling.

Not only are the huaraches from Fiesta Feet beautiful, but the brand is giving back to women and girls in need. My Lucky Pennies are part of the metallics line, but there are neutrals and colorful pairs as well as huaraches for babies and kids.

When I was a kid, I remember my mom having a few pairs. She would wear them all summer and with everything. 

When buying huaraches, look for websites that sell handwoven Mexican sandals. Unlike some mass-produced huaraches made in China, every pair of handmade huaraches are unique. They are made by artisans who have been making them for generations. 

Summer style can be fun if you let your creativity explore new and unique summer fashion opportunities with huaraches.