You would like to become self-employed as a nail designer? Then you need one thing above all else: a creative business idea. Because nail salons are like sand on the sea. That’s why you need to think about how you stand out from the competition. We will give you tips and explain you which formalities you need to fulfill and what you need to look out for to successfully open your own nail salon.

Requirements to open your own nail salon

The most important thing first: You do not have to meet specific requirements in order to become self-employed as a nail designer. You can virtually open your nail salon “on the spot” – even without training. But: We urge you against setting up your nail salon without training or a sound education. In addition to the technical skills you should also acquire knowledge on health basics such as the nature of the human skin, hygiene and product chemistry. For your future customers, a certificate or a professional proof as a quality feature will be an important factor in deciding on your studio. Here, however, you will already encounter the first difficulties. There is no training as a nail designer. Although you can use a further training offer of the Chamber of Crafts for the “certified nail designer”, this requires proof of a completed training as a hairdresser or beautician.

If you have not completed any training as a hairdresser or beautician, there are various private training offers, such as at Alessandria International or Cosmetic Norkauer, which you can use to gain expertise and skills.

Sign up for business

To open nail salon near me, you must first introduce yourself to your local community and make a business registration. The authority then informs the tax office and the employers’ liability insurance association. The costs for registration differ from one municipality to another (often depending on the federal state) – they range between 10 and 80 Euros.

Important factors for the success of your nail salon

1. Find your unique selling point

As mentioned earlier, you need to develop a unique selling proposition for your salon that sets itself apart from the numerous offerings of other nail salons. Only then will you have a chance to hold your own against the big competition. For example, if you open up a mobile nail salon, you can target a specific target group (keyword: men’s cosmetics such as hammer & nail or cosmetics for both mother and child as with Nail Studio Miming) or offer other services besides nail care and design – also a fancy name for your nail salon can attract customers.

2. Put a lot of emphasis on good customer service

How you approach your customers will be critical to success when you open a nail salon. This is not primarily about the nail design. You have to make sure that your customers feel comfortable during their manicure and therefore like to come back. For example, play suitable music, offer free drinks and snacks, or shine with good organization and short waiting times. Without a strong customer loyalty you will not be successful in the long run.

3. Find the right location for your nail salon

You can have the greatest idea for your nail salon, the nicest decor and the best team – if the customers do not find your salon, it does not help. The location is the most important success factor if you want to open a nail salon. First, check where your competition has settled. Nobody needs a fourth in a street where there are already three studios. Second, find a location where a lot of passing shoppers come by. This can for example be in a pedestrian zone or a shopping center. Even a residential area is quite appropriate – so your customers have a short way to you and come back with good service and therefore happy.

4. Choose a harmonious interior and pleasant atmosphere

Customers who visit a nail salon want to treat themselves to a bit of relaxation and luxury. Accordingly, you should create an ambience in which your customers feel comfortable and can switch off. For your nail salon you also have to choose equipment that suits your offer and reaches your target group. For example, if you want to open a studio in the high-end segment, your appliances, furniture and decoration should reflect this.

5. Hire competent people who suit you

With your team the success of your nail studio stands and falls. Hire reliable and qualified people who suit you and your business idea. Even if you can not afford any financial jumps at the beginning – motivate them with a fair salary or additional benefits, such as free drinks or a fruit basket. If your employees are satisfied, they will be happy to work for you and they are ready to do more than meet their needs.

6. Keep the financial overview

The opening of your own nail studio is associated with a high cost. Before you can earn your first earnings, you must already make payments for the office equipment, work materials and other costs associated with becoming self-employed. Even after the official start, you must expect a cautious sales development at the beginning. However, you incur ongoing costs, such as rental and salary payments. You also want to be available to your customers by phone and online. Again, there are regular costs. Our tip: compare the offers of the different service providers. In general, these offer special rates for business customers, such as good connected, 1 & 1, M-net or O2. Unity media even has a special start-up package on offer.

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Financing your nail salon

In order to secure your corporate financing, you have various options. On the one hand, state subsidies are sometimes available to you as founders, and on the other hand, external capital providers provide you with financing. With our free and independent calculator you can check them quickly and easily.

Hygiene rules in the nail salon

Clean work is natural for a nail designer. You are also required to comply with the legal hygiene regulations for your nail salon. The responsible health department carries out checks – usually without prior notification – to check whether your studio complies with the hygiene regulations.

As orientation for you and your coworkers you should hang a hygiene plan in the studio. You can find samples online, such as Promed’s Cosmetics and Nagestudios hygiene plan.

Private and company pension plans

As a small business ideas if you want to open a nail salon, first of all keep in mind its registration costs which vary from community to community and second, find a location where a lot of passing shoppers pass.

If you become self-employed with / in the field of nail design, the right insurance cover is indispensable – both in the private and in the operational area. Of course you should take out health insurance – legally or privately. In addition, we recommend to provide for the case of a disability – with a disability insurance.

In addition, you should definitely insure your nail salon. A public liability is essential, because you have to be liable by law, should you or an employee injure a customer or damage his property. Other recommended company insurances are the content insurance, which protects your inventory, as well as a trade protection insurance. Good to know: As a new founder, you receive a start-up discount from some insurers – up to 50 percent.

You are unsure which insurance you really need? The trade experts of Finanzchef24 will gladly conduct a needs analysis for you. This tells you which protection is really important for you in your individual situation.

Make advertising for your nail salon

You have completed all formalities and are about to open your nail salon. Then it is high time to stir up the big drum. In addition to traditional advertising measures such as distributing flyers, advertising in fashion magazines and regional leaflets or opening discounts, you can also use the option of online marketing via social media. Create a Facebook page or create an Instagram account. There you can present your work and win new customers for yourself. Just enter the hashtags #nailart or #naildesign – you will see that there is a lot of interest. Get Inspiration for the Top 10 Instagram Accounts for Nail Art. With good content and beautiful pictures you can achieve a high range. If you’re ready to invest some money, you can also run ads on your social media channels. Another way to attract new customers is to buy their own vouchers from vendors.