If you are looking for a guide on how to play Satta Matka online, you are at the right place. On a worldwide scale, the trend of gambling is going higher day by day. We know that it is not yet legalized, still people are into gambling. You will be surprised to know that Satta Matka is India’s largest lottery system. It has been in existence since the 1950s. Below, we have mentioned the important details on playing Satta Matka, you can have a look at the information:

All about Satta Matka

If we talk about the literal terms, then the word of Satta, it means gamble! In this activity, you carry out the gambling transactions online. This one is not a skill-based game. In addition, Satta lotteries taking place in the EU, they even go for 100 million Euros. This comes in the form of a huge prize pool and you end up winning a good amount of money. Besides, to explore the platform of slotxo, simply click on the link.

Guide to playing Satta Matka

It is since the 1970s that this game has become very popular. You should also know that Ratan Khatri who is known to be India’s biggest Matka King, he was the one who started the Satta Bazar and that turned out to be the biggest gambling network so far happening in India!

If you are interested in playing Satta Matka, then you have to access the designated Satta bazaars and there you will be placing your bets. In addition, the announcement of winning ticket numbers is done right at their allotted time. The winner is handed over the whole pot finally!

It is in the coming up years that we have seen some changes while playing Satta Matka. Most of the governments have finally issued a crackdown on all of the spots who are linked with the gambling networks. For this reason, this lottery game has become online!

How to place a bet in the Satta Matka?

First of all, you have to choose three random numbers and they have to be in between 0-9. Like, you can pick the numbers 1,2 3.

After that, you have to complicate the odds as well as the winning probability. Sum up all the three numbers and in this case, your total sum will become 6.

Whatever sum number you get, you have to multiply it with the last digit. Moreover, you will be asked to choose more of the three random digits and they have to be in 0-9. In this case, you have to follow the same process.

Multiple the resulting two numbers once you have followed the whole process. And this resulting number will become your ticket number. Finally, the system will generate the results of Satta Matka game and you will see whether your ticket numbers match up with the generated number. If the number does match, then you will get the payout.


This is how to play Satta Matka online! These days, people go with this game option upon playing it on the online betting platforms. You can choose any reliable platform as well. If you choose the trustworthy betting platform, then your payout will remain secure and you will enjoy playing Satta Matka more.

Moreover, these betting platforms work with lots of currency options. It does not matter which currency you are using, the person only has to sign up on that betting platform and start playing Satta Matka. The betting process is made and carried out in tokens. You can also make use of the conversion rates for determining and analyzing your payout value.  Stay tuned with us so that more details on Satta Matka can be given to the readers. And for any queries and questions, contact our team anytime.