Every IT consulting Orange County should be socially responsible because of various reasons. This doesn’t mean that it is a requirement by the government but it is healthy for an IT company for it to be relevant in the industry. Here are some reasons why an IT company should be socially responsible.


Employs wish for their company to be socially responsible


Back in the days, it was a good thing for a company’s processes not to harm the environment. Things have changed now and workers want their company to do something for the environment. Research shows that over 30 percent of workers consider leaving their company if it does nothing for the environment. Over 65 percent of workers would leave their company if it harmed the environment and 83 percent would leave their company if their employer uses child labour.

Clients want to associate with a socially responsible company


Studies show that most clients want to associate with an IT consulting company Orange County that is socially responsible. More than 88 percent of clients want companies that try to improve the environment and the society. 83 percent of clients think that organizations should support non-profits and charities with donations.


Makes businesses more sustainable


Social responsibility helps your business to be known by many people. Most companies would like to associate with a socially responsible IT company. Social responsibility helps companies to identify themselves in a crowded market.


Both capitalism and society are evolving


Investors don’t like to associate with an IT consulting Orange County company that is not socially responsible. There are companies that have lost investors because of being socially irresponsible such as BP in Alaska. The market is evolving and big corporations and clients want to associate with socially responsible companies. This means that companies that shift to being socially responsible will be successful in future.