Open heart surgery demands comprehensive care both before and after the procedure. Typically, the surgery requires you to stay in the hospital for around seven to ten days post-surgery. After this, recovery can take up to 6 to 8 weeks. During this time, your chest muscles and breastbone begin to heal gradually. In time, they return to their normal functions. 

For this purpose, choosing the best heart hospital in Delhi for your treatment is necessary. The doctors there will ensure the surgery is done with utmost precision. It will enhance the chances of a positive outcome and ct how quickly you heal. 

Here are some things to expect during your recovery from open heart surgery. 

1. Sleep Issues Are Common

After heart surgery, it is common to experience Insomnia. It leads to disturbances in sleep. It can be due to the effects of anesthesia that were prescribed to you during the surgery. The changes in your everyday schedule, stress, and discomfort during the healing process can be prime causes. Generally, the sleep issues end in about two to three weeks. But with certain useful tips, you can get quick relief.  

  • Indulge in a relaxing shower.
  • Maintain a stringent bedtime routine.
  • Avoid consuming coffee, colas, or Chocolate before going to bed. 
  • Arrange the pillows correctly to avoid muscle strain and other sleep problems. 
  • Listen to some soothing music.
  • Communicate with someone in case you feel anxious at night. 
  • Take a back rub. 
  • Consume the prescribed painkillers 30 minutes before going to bed.

2. Emotional Disbalance May Occur

In open heart surgery, both physical and emotional healing is involved. It means that during the recovery process, both your physical and emotional energy need to be invested. For this, you might experience some emotional distress during your recovery period. It is common to feel stressed after the operation. Generally, patients experience such issues for nearly three months after their surgery. Here is what they feel: 

  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Experiencing easy frustration
  • Feeling sentimental and emotional
  • A lack of motivation 

3. Eating Habits Require Alteration

Post-surgery, you may experience a lack of appetite. You could tire easily. For this, doctors suggest consuming frequent meals in small portions. Start with something you like to eat. However, make sure you eat small portions to whet your appetite. Speak to a nutritionist after your surgery from the best heart hospital in Delhi. They will help map out a diet plan that works for you. 

4. You Have To Manage Pain 

You cannot avoid pain after your open heart surgery. Even if you get operated on  from the best heart hospital in Delhi, you will be recommended to practice self-pain management techniques. The doctors will guide you and provide the right ways to cope with it. But your contribution is equally important in this. Try relaxation techniques like yoga and meditation. Apply a warm cloth to those regions of your body that undergo the most pain. Remember that you have to be consistent with it.

5. Surgery-related Sensations Are Normal

Initially, you might encounter tingling, numbness, and even sensitivity around the chest incision for the first few months post-surgery. It is normal. If you wear tight clothes, you might experience it more. However, if it persists for longer than expected, please consult your doctor at the best heart hospital in Delhi. They will help you find relief.  

6. Driving Post-surgery Differs From Person To Person

You can resume driving after four weeks of the surgery. But it is subject to how quickly you recover and your doctor’s approval from the best heart hospital in Delhi. It is done to avoid any complications post-surgery. However, the recovery time can differ from one person to another. Resuming driving must be based around the same. See if you can conveniently turn the wheel or sit in the car without discomfort. If you do not have trouble, you might be ready to drive. 


Feeling irritated during your recovery time after open heart surgery is normal. You may feel an emotional roller coaster and more. But with simple tips in mind, you can break cope with these problems and overcome them.  

Stay positive. It will enhance your confidence and mood. You could spend time with friends and family to help you relax. Joining a support group and getting adequate rest are suggested to recover faster.