Telephone calls are no fun, audio recordings do not work? Your Samsung Galaxy S7 may be suffering from a defective microphone. This is usually not too bad for you, but your interlocutors suffer all the more. We’ll show you if self-repair on the Samsung Galaxy S7 microphone pays off and what other options you can get if it’s damaged.

Is my Samsung Galaxy S7 microphone broken?

To find out exactly, first proceed as follows: First reboot your mobile phone. Then disable any apps that might have something to do with the audio settings. Also check the settings within the audio settings of Android. Reset everything to the default values.

The background of this action is the fact that audio apps may influence the recording quality of the microphone on the Samsung Galaxy S7. For example, there are apps that make recordings sound like you’re in a bathroom – or in a large hall, in the wild, and so on. If these apps are active without your knowledge, you can quickly get the impression that the Samsung Galaxy S7 Microphone is broken even though there is actually only one software error.

Everything is ok in the settings and apps? If there is still a defect, you are likely to encounter one of these two possibilities:

1-    Your Samsung Galaxy S7 microphone is rushing

If you talk to another person, they understand you only badly. In your voice is a tinny noise, words are difficult to understand. Maybe the sound is more like cracking or crackling. Especially with the professional use of the device you get big problems, of course, if the microphone is so damaged.

2-    Your Samsung Galaxy S7 microphone does not work at all

Neither in recordings nor in telephone conversations understands the other person even a single word. There is pure noise through the line, but only simple silence. If this is the case, the microphone of Samsung Galaxy S7 is probably completely defective. They cannot get around for an exchange – but that’s the case with every other type of damage.

Before you take money to repair the damage, simple household items may help. Take a needle, a paperclip or similar pointed objects. Carefully insert (!) Into the microphone at the bottom of the Samsung Galaxy S7. Use it to remove any dust that has stuck in it. Do not use force, otherwise you might destroy something that is not broken at all.

Does not help, you blow – also not with too much power – in the Samsung Galaxy S7 microphone. Loose dust and other particles can be removed. Blow too hard, push the dust inside. A gentle breeze is therefore the better choice, and compressed air bottles with a small attachment are also helpful.

They followed every tip, but nothing helped? Then it is simply a complete damage to the Samsung Galaxy S7 microphone, probably caused by shock (when the Smartphone falls down) or even the ingress of water or other liquids.

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Self-repair on Samsung Galaxy S7 microphone

With a little experience in using electronics, you can also replace the microphone of the Samsung Galaxy S7 itself. But you need …

  • … a microphone, which fortunately you can buy cheap. It is one of the cheapest parts on a mint Samsung Galaxy S7.
  • … a toolset so you can open the Smartphone at all. Conventional screwdrivers from the toolbox are not suitable.
  • … a guide that was created exactly for this model of the Galaxy S series. Best with many pictures or in the form of a video tutorial!

For this you need a little courage to risk. You have to open the Samsung phone completely. Because the manufacturer prohibits this behavior by the customer, you also lose the warranty on the product. In the worst case, you destroy your Smartphone at work. It’s about very small electronic components that are sensitive and quickly say goodbye to a rookie mistake.

In addition, you have of course the opportunity to send the device to the manufacturer. But then you have to wait for a long wait for your repaired Samsung Galaxy S7. The way through the dealer is also conceivable. However, since you probably caused the defect yourself, you will not be out of good humor just pushing a new phone into your hand. Professional repair service providers are an alternative – so try Smart2Phone!



  • Just visit us in our cell phone workshop in Under foe ring. Since the Samsung Galaxy S7 is a very popular mobile phone, we will have a microphone as a spare part in all probability in stock. The repair can therefore start and be completed on the same day. In the meantime, you can do other errands and pick up your almost new Smartphone later with us. Of course, our staff will inform you about any costs incurred before changing the Samsung Galaxy S7 microphone. We do not suddenly hold a bill that is too high under your nose.
  • Easily create the job for repair online. Even then you can see all the costs in advance and can opt for or against the change of the microphone on the Samsung Galaxy S7. Then put the phone in a well-padded package, send it to us and we’ll take care of the repair. At the end we will check again if the new microphone works. If that is the case, the Smartphone will soon be on its way back to you. Once it arrives at your front door, you can call again in peace.

Sure, this solution costs more money than the self-repair. But: she is sure. From Smart2Phone there is twelve months warranty on the repaired component. Our employees also have a lot of experience with the Samsung Galaxy S7. Our spare parts warehouse also stocks all major components for this Smartphone. A change of microphone is therefore fast and completely risk-free on the stage.

If you have any questions, you can contact us. A last doubt clears our customer support for you from the world!