Sando Surgical is one of the best Laser Preventive Maintenance & Repair service providers who are determined to provide you on time and top-notch services. But why should someone opt for the services of Sando Surgical? To answer this question, firstly you will need to know who Sando Surgical is? Here are the answers:

Who Are We?

When we talk about medical equipment maintenance, the first thing that comes to mind that what if the machine will stop work while treating patient. That is where Sando Surgical comes. Team Sando Surgical ensure that your biomedical equipment don’t break down anytime. We have experienced professionals who will make sure that your equipment will stay working for a long time. We offer top-notch On-Site Medical Laser machine repair services to keep your machines running conditions whether you have a patient on table or not. Now, the question is:

What Do We Do?

Want to know what Sando Surgical do to ensure your equipment work properly? Here is the answer:

Repair & Maintenance Services

If your equipment fails, it’s not time to be wasted. If you need regular maintenance, put your trust in the experts. As part of the Healthcare Alliance, the skilled pacho machine servics technicians can repair or maintain diagnostic and lane equipment from all major manufacturers in the field.


If it’s maintenance on-site at your location or repair work on equipment in one of our national repair centers is only a phone contact. We know malfunctioning equipment can result in patient cancellations and revenue losses. We will do our best to have your equipment repaired and returned to you in the most timely way possible.


The experts employed by Sando Surgical have an average of 20 years of expertise in the medical laser repair services and can repair lane equipment and diagnose it. This level of expertise guarantees that your equipment will be repaired with the highest level of expertise and precision, even for products deemed unrepairable or sun-setted by the manufacturer.


You can save money by contacting Sando Surgical to repair your equipment or to perform routine maintenance. Our prices often beat the prices of manufacturers.

Besides single item repair and service, Sando Surgical offers comprehensive umbrella warranties for practices with multiple locations. Insure several pieces of equipment at different locations to avoid the hassle, reduce downtime using loaner devices and save money. Find out more about this here.

Services Include:

  • Equipment repairs
  • Maintenance preventative
  • Phoropter cleaning
  • Chair re-upholstery
  • Storage and moving services
  • Asset tagging
  • Evaluations of products
  • Planning for the Service Budget
  • Insurance assessments

Service Request
Suppose you are looking for trustworthy medical equipment repair and maintenance services. In that case, let the knowledgeable staff of Sando Surgical help you with the biomedical equipment services for your medical machines. You will need to fill in the information and allow your medical equipment tensions to leave on us. Our team will reach you on time. Feel free to contact us and let your machines’ maintenance go into our hands.