Winstrol is an anabolic steroid which is also known as stanozolol. It is a synthetic hormone having similarity with testosterone. It is a type of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). The Anabolic Steroids Control Act of 1990 has classified Winstrol under controlled substance because of its potential for the abuse by the athlete to enhance their performance and by the body, builders to build the muscles. It also has the ability to increase the speed and strength. According to the safety records, this steroid can be used by both the sexes.


However, there are some side effects of the steroid and people should be aware of these side effects while using the steroid. There are some adverse reactions that can happen with the use of this steroid but the awareness and responsible use of the Winstrol cycle will keep the people safe from the reaction.


The information obtained from safety record shows that the possible side effect of the use of Winstrol is the rise in the level of cholesterol. The amount of total dosage consumed by the person is also very important factor for the rise in the level of cholesterol. An average man should not consume more than 50mg in every two days and for the women, it should not be more than 10mg. The use of Winstrol may also result in the hair loss and acne as a side effect but these two very much genetically dependent. The user who is sensitive to acne and has a tendency of hair loss will definitely have hair loss and acne.


The use of Winstrol may give rise to gynecomastia in men which results in the increases of estrogen levels in men which lead to accumulation of fat around the breast tissue. By nature, Winstrol is a C17 and by the use of it will increase the level of liver enzyme and if someone is taking it and the person is also consuming alcohol, the effects will be highly toxic to the liver and can give rise to a severe problem if not stopped immediately. The production of testosterone is also suppressed by the use of Winstrol. This is the reason that most of the men, who consume Winstrol, use a testosterone promoting supplement along with it. The use of the steroid also causes testicular atrophy which results in the loss of full activity of the testicle and also decreases their size.


 The use of the steroid Winstrol by the women may result in the loss of femininity. The women get deepening of the vocal chords, the clitoris also gets enlarged and the rate of the body hair growth increases. The other secondary side effects of Winstrol are difficulty in sleeping, changes in sexual desire, headache, a tendency of vomit and nausea, swelling of the ankle and change in the skin color. Therefore the persons who are consuming Winstrol should be very careful while using it to reduce the toxic effect of the steroid. The abusing of Winstrol may lead to serious health complications. The perfect dose of Winstrol is 25-100mg per day for the men and 5-15mg per day for the women.