Pneumonia is a common disease in children. Millions of children under 5 years of age are affected by this disease. This disease has gradually ended in developed countries, but in developing countries, this pneumonia is still a major threat to the children.


The most common type of pneumonia is walking pneumonia. This is a very light form of pneumonia that has been observed in both children and adults. In such pneumonia, children are not admitted to the hospital. The symptoms of walking pneumonia are usually less severe than other types of pneumonia.


The symptoms of walking pneumonia are often similar to symptoms of a common cold. Children are more prey than adults.


  1. A cough for more than seven days
  2. Low-grade fever
  3. Headache
  4. Body pain
  5. Lack of appetite
  6. Pain in chest or rib
  7. Feeling of restlessness
  8. Wheezing, which is more common in severe viral infections.


Due to Walking Pneumonia in Children

All types of pneumonia are due to the lung infection.


Walking pneumonia is a viral disease which is caused due to a bacteria called mycoplasma pneumonia.It observed that walking pneumonia can be caused by respiratory viruses also.


If you smoke in your home or smoke around your child, then your child is more likely to have pneumonia. Some living conditions, such as excessively crowded places or home with significant air pollution, can also contribute to the lung infection. This is the reason that you can see more cases of pneumonia in the winter months when people spend more time indoors. Apart from this, children with a less immune system are also at risk for pneumonia.


Know the Treatment of Walking Pneumonia

The best treatment for treating walking pneumonia is rest. Taking full sleep in walking pneumonia and keeping yourself hydrated is a good treatment. Well, there are some things you can do to help your child stay hydrated.


Keep a bottle of water near your child. This will keep your child hydrated throughout the day.

Give your child sugar-free popysicles

Regularly take the opinion of the Doctor.

Pneumonia is a contagious due to virus and mycoplasma. This disease can spread among other people, so you should take extra precautions.


  1. Take care of proper hygiene and wash hands well.
  2. When you a cough, give clothes in your child’s hand. So that he could keep in the mouth.
  3. Replace your baby’s toothbrush and clean your clothes regularly.


A research has shown that if your child has asthma, then it can make pneumonia worse.