Do you remember tomorrow’s women’s watches, the men’s watches on the big watch, or the big, big bed watches waiting for the big night forever? They are history! Nowadays, women’s watches have become a major fashion accessory and are far more colorful than large, colorful galleries and royal pencils.

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Increase in women’s watches.

When it comes to women’s watches, slim and feminine are the same term. The size of the work has increased and the corresponding standard diameter is about 24 mm, which is now thinner. Some women’s fashions are really heavy, 40 mm in diameter or more. Why is it so large? One reason is the men’s watch. As they got older, so did women’s watches. Another reason is the recent popularity of women’s timepieces on watches, which require large calls to facilitate historical sub-days. The biggest reason for the new interest in big women’s watches is that big faces have jazz numbers, decorative calls, beautiful hands and various accessories – what you need to wear a watch.

Colors and women’s watches.

Yellow, blue, pink, green, red and yellow are considered for girls and women. These days everything is shown from the women’s Stupefy Watches. In addition to pastel and vibrant colors, there are times when some intense gray tones (pearl, slate, charcoal) and brown (coffee, copper and bronze) require some gravity. Yes, the orange is still hot. If you can’t find a women’s watch to go with every outfit in your closet these days, give it a try. The key point is the right time and call, the other is often the mother of pearls and that’s what you think. Color gems, especially sapphires, come in a variety of colors – yellow, yellow, yellow, and, of course, blue.

Wild new uniforms for women’s watches.

You may not have seen the unusual shapes provided by watchmakers today. The biggest trend in women’s watches is the non-circular style. It’s a new development, both old and new: when the watch appeared in the early 1900’s, female models took on a wilder look and took on even more angles decades later. Now, flower shapes (from Tesot and Citizen), crosses (Roger Dubos, Lockman), egg-sizes (Briggs), long rectangles (CK), semicircles (genes) and so on (notable companies). Van Cleef and Arpels also have an Alhambra-like clock in the spa. Widths above their height add to the power of the East-West clock style. They are now available in oval, square and tunnel shapes, with various variations along the way.

The lesson is clear: don’t forget the hours when you add it to your closet.

Mechanical women’s watches

All watchmakers think of women’s mechanical watches. Since the quartz movement is predominant in the watch world, women have largely avoided mechanical movements. When men wore mechanical watches in the 1980’s – many women still had a quartz watch.

Many watch mechanics have started women’s acquisition programs today. They offer a wide range of new models of women’s watches: not only simple, rebellious mechanical watches that your grandmother wore, but also very unique, scheduled, full calendar, full calendar, backup indicator and even With turbine. When it comes to styling, they make all the stops, and for exotic collections they are a combination of amazing display functionality and style.

Shine women’s watches.

Women’s watches are so beautiful these days that the term jewelry is useless. But really attractive, gemstone women’s watch models are made for the dark holidays. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why they do it so badly. A few examples: Jagger Leculator’s reverse watches contain new jewelry and check the diamonds one by one, and in other models they look like honey. Adorned with a diamond-shaped bridge pattern, Patek has a new version of Philip’s Twenty-4. The cartridges contain several new enamel and diamond models, including wildlife, including a lion’s linear watch. The Piaget has a diamond watch with a fingerprint.