Before you start the process, understand the whats and whys of staging a house.  Showing off the best side of a house for a potential sale is the crux of staging a house. The house can be a dwelling you’ve lived in and want to sell. Or it could be a house you’ve bought, fixed up and want to put in the market. Both need to be highlighted in a way that attracts buyers. Thus, staging is done with furniture and decorative elements present in the space. No bare spaces here. Staging a house is necessary for:

  1. Giving buyers a sense of the space and dimensions with furniture and other fittings.
  2. Giving buyers a sense of future ownership, a sense of being their own.
  3. Understanding the potential of the house and work that needs to be done.

Here are some ideas to stage your home in the best way possible.

Keep it impersonal. Too much of your presence and buyers may be unable to put themselves in the home dweller position. For starters, box all your stuff up and park it in a storage space for the duration of the staging. Rent storage units Long Beachfor as long or as short a duration as you need. Keep your favourite arm chair, the family photographs and other memorabilia in this place to maximise the staging.

Decorate your house for the staging with classy, stylish stuff. You’d be amazed at how far a well-placed curio or a vase of elegant flowers can go. Choose reproduction of art work and scatter them in the house. A cheerful bowl of fruit will be a great addition in the kitchen too.

Don’t focus on just one or two rooms- if you are staging the entire house,make sure that each room is given importance. Start with the exteriors. Paint the mailbox and the door in cheerful colours, trim the lawn and shrubbery, get a welcome mat and then move through the house with a critical eye. A single coat of paint is a good idea, as is any patchwork that’s necessary. Rent some furniture if need be.

Pay special attention to those rooms and spaces that will surely be checked more than most. Clean bathrooms, plentiful water supply, neat drawers, minimum or no clutter, wiped down counters and neat storage spaces are all essential in making a great first impression.

If you are considering staging only a few rooms, do think carefully about what rooms they must be. You should definitely stage your living room; this is a no-brainer. Make sure you keep the rooms as empty as possible without making it look bare, so that people can get around easily from one room to the other. The kitchen is also a room most would be interested in. If you have a pantry, then the pantry should be neatly organised. The same goes for the fridge and the shelves and counters.

Do keep in mind the buyer’s gaze; give your house a critical once-over and then decide the steps you need to take to make your house shine.