There is a recent rise in the demand for men’s top gun costume in Australia. What actually comes to your mind whenever you remember the 1986 blockbuster? Is it the aviators, Val Kilmer, fighter planes, and Tom Cruise, all at their hottest? That’s all right, but what of Kelly Mc Gillis and her own killer style? You don’t know what this is about? Then bring your popcorn nearer and prepare for a movie time for her style’s review.

  1. The hair

That’s correct. She features some serious hair of the 80s, but it still appears excellent and soft after she has been taking a ride on the back seat of Maverick’s bike which happens to be truly phenomenal for the era in which the blockbuster was released. Instead of attempting to imitate her big-hair style, you could try a tousled bob with extreme side parts.

  1. The bomber jacket

This amazing jacket, in the opinion of several varying people, is the flick’s major character. If you watch closely, you will notice that it can be worn with work-appropriate button-down blouses and jeans, as well as a T-shirt. It then offers a laid-back cool appearance that you can get going on. It is so versatile that it offers limitless options of how you can use and combinations it can fit into. The fact is any way you use it becomes a fashion statement. Just imagine you and Cruise in a flight suit then.

  1. The pencil skirt/bomber jacket combination

There’s so much style happening here so let us break, it down bit by bit.

  • The bomber jacket:This is a foremost component of the men’s top gun costume in Australia. It’s amazing on its own, but is styled to perfection via pushed up sleeves. Certainly, if she became warm, it might seem a lot simpler to just take the jacket off, but that will certainly be just a waste of a jacket that’s absolutely awesome.
  • The skirt:The black pencil skirt and the blindingly white blouse – what an excellent counterpoint to the flicks rough-and-tumble appearance of the bomber.
  • The giant envelop clutch:This is what several people are adding to their wish list. And also as a last item, the gold jewellery that could surely be street style.
  1. The oversized blazer

Okay, so it is not just every person that is capable of getting away with wearing a bomber jacket to the office. But that does not in the least mean that you will have to wear just about any old, worn, or olden day, boring blazer. Get an option that’s over-sized and you could roll the sleeves up and give it a bit of real style. You should notice the white that was used underneath in the flick. It was an excellent example of balancing a fabulous outfit out.

These are the actual lessons you can learn from the 80s’ blockbuster as regards the fabulous men’s top gun costume. Use them, and you will certainly never go wrong in making your own fashion statement anywhere you go in Australia.