Weddings are the most important occasion of any woman’s life. She waits for this day since her childhood. She dreams of this day from her childhood and generally all women plans every minute details of her wedding since her childhood. She wants to look the best in her wedding and all eyes must be on her during her wedding day. She must be the centre of attraction and she must look the best because it is her dream. Every woman has a bride hidden underneath her, but it comes out on her wedding day and proper dresses helps in taking out this look. Take a look at this article to learn more about how you can look like the perfect bride in your wedding while wearing your hijab, burqa, niqab or chador.

  • Burka buy online India and wear a bright coloured burqa during your wedding day. You can even take fashion advice from the people of Yemen and wear traditional jewellery that will adorn your burqa clad face. You can even wear the lithma and adorn it in your face. This looks very beautiful as a veil. It looks very gorgeous indeed. It comes with silver jewelleries that can be even paired with a burqa and beautifies the modest beauty of the burqa clad woman.
  • Wear an A-Line lace wedding dress that is embellished with stones and other items. It will look very great if you wear it with a lace hijab. Wear a lace hijab or a silk hijab that is embellished with stones and mirror work. Hijab will even look prettier if you wear it with a vintage wedding dress. You can also wear a light and cream coloured hijab that is embellished with pearls. Choose a light coloured gown with this look and wear smoky eyes and nude lips to complete the whole look. You can even wear diamond and pearl jewelleries because they look the best with this whole look.
  • Wear a pair of stone embellished shoes and make sure that they match with your outfit. Wear jewelleries that will go well with your look. Take inspirations from traditional Indian jewellery designs or middle-eastern designs that look the best with any kind of wedding dress. Also, make sure that your jewellery suits your hijab, niqab or chador style. Certain jewelleries can be custom-made that will suit these three looks. You can even wear a burqa and jewelleries that will suit your veiled look. Do wear jewelleries so that you shine on your wedding day.

From burka online store India buys a red burqa because red looks the best when it comes to wedding. You can even take inspirations from the Indian wedding costumes and wear the traditional gold and red lehenga or saree in a modest way and then wear a red or maroon hijab embellished with gold zardosi work. You can wear some delicate gold jewellery and you will look the perfect bride in this whole attire. You can even wear a red gown with lace work and a red hijab. This combination is also very gorgeous and looks good on every bride with the proper makeup and jewellery.