The Step-Over or Fan can be a savage move when attempting to get a player shaky and look senseless all in the meantime. The move is executed while running at speed truly venturing over the ball in a counter-clockwise movement with one foot or rotating the two feet. Got those flashes in your boots? We’ll see about that.

Things to recollect about the Step-Over:

– Execute the move at speed not stopping

– Keep your knees twisted and body low to stay in dashing position and less demanding hovering of the ball

– Execute the step overs over the ball at snappy mood, moderate step overs trick no one

– As soon as you have the protector cockeyed and at your kindness, push the ball by him



The move doesn’t look like much yet can be dubious. Fundamentally, the move is rapping one leg behind the other and hitting the ball for a cross or shot. Cristiano, Quaresma, and Riquelme show improvement over most, this ability truly has no impact over an essential cross, yet the chicks burrow it.

Things to recollect about the Rabona:

– Ball should be to one side or left of both of your feet

– Use the closer leg for parity, the far leg raps around and hits the ball

– Lean your body back

– Try and go through a major breeze


Counterfeit Shot/Cross

The phony shot/cross might be the best of all the football moves in your arms stockpile to get that a large portion of a second or a large portion of a stage on a protector. The breeze up to the shot/cross needs to take after that one of your genuine shot/cross for the protector to chomp, and similarly as they are you decreased and make them wish they didn’t get up that morning.

Once more, the phony shot/cross is imagining you are really going to shoot or cross the ball and at last curtailed inside or outside. Straightforward and compelling, no reason to sweat it, however to do it.

Things to recall about the Fake Shot/Cross:

– Make it seem as though you are really going to do the activity

– Big breeze up

– Keep the ball near your body


Cryuff Turn

You turn me appropriate round infant ideal round like a record. The Cryuff Turn turns protector’s ideal round and back to front. The alter of course and pace of such football moves can make protectors legs feel like jello. The move is adequately executed when confronting one path with the ball taking it with within your foot through your legs and back the other way. At the point when consummated the Cryuff Turn beats safeguards as well as stays in a situation for you to keep up ownership by keeping your body between the ball and the protector. For better performance always participate in Football Events in Abu Dhabi or Dubai etc.

Things to recollect about the Cryuff Turn:

– Keep your body in a low athletic position

– Make the turn rapidly and strongly

– It’s a one-contact turn so don’t over muddle the move


Presently you see me, presently you don’t. The Roulette is basically a turn move with the ball. Sounds less demanding than it truly is, the incredible method to alter course and make some space among you and the safeguard. Zidane and Maradonna made this move their very own and are a delight watch while doing it. Making this one of your mark football moves will add to your weapons store of foot aptitudes on the pitch. So one foot goes on the ball, moves it to the next while turning without end and altering course. Safeguards perusing this just blacked out, stick to handling.

Things to recall about the Roulette:

– Do it at speed or it won’t work

– The move is about body situating as much as it is pulling off the footwork included

– Best done when the protector is moving too

– Keep your body low and utilize your arms to shield while turning



The flip-fold or the snake are other regular names for the Elastico. Should be possible standing or at speed however significantly more compelling while at the same time moving and harder obviously. The abnormal state of ability required however an abnormal state of remuneration accompanies it, the reward is making the protector check for you in his storage room before he rests. The move is performed by hitting the ball with the outside of your foot then inside in one familiar movement as the foot snaps. Ronaldinho, Ronaldinho, Ronaldinho.

Things to recall about the Elastico:

– Make beyond any doubt the protector is around 1-3 yards from you, not more.

– Commit to it and do it rapidly or you’ll fizzle

– Don’t abuse it and take it’s a component of shock away, give this and your other football moves your own bend.

– Keep your knees genuinely bowed



The Cut might be the most essential move to beat a protector out there. There are a few varieties of the cut however the most fundamental is taking the ball with within your foot over the safeguard from one side to the next “cutting” the ball rapidly. The move will work far superior in the event that you push it somewhat forward with a similar foot you’re cutting it with before executing the move.

Things to recall about the Cut:

– Setting up the cut is as critical as anything, open your hips one way, convey the ball crosswise over to the opposite side.

– Execute the move rapidly or it will be inadequate.

– One touch cut, don’t over convolute a straightforward move.


Reverse Matthews

The Reverse Matthews like the normal Matthews simply turned around. Rather than taking a snappy touch with within your foot at that point taking it with the outside of your foot you currently begin with the outside.

This move will work best while going at speed and executed as brisk as would be prudent. A typical error when neglecting to execute football moves enjoys this is either doing it too gradually or kicking it into high gear the ball got under your feet.

Things to recollect about the Reverse Matthews:

– The second touch with the outside of your foot ought to be a moderately long touch to get away from the protector.

– At speed!!!

– Don’t overdo it and lose its component of shock.


The Rivelino is a unique move, straightforwardness and mask at its best. As you run normally with the ball you counterfeit running over it totally by venturing totally over it with within the ball conveying foot, at that point taking it with the outside of a similar foot. Gracious and simply like all football moves, the quicker the better.

Things to recollect about the Rivelino:

– Don’t trust that the protector will chomp, do all parts in smoothness.

– Again, the quicker the better.

– Set it up like it’s a phony pass or shot, the second where the safeguard recoils is the place you’ll skin them.


Pull Back Vee

The Pull Back Vee is snappy, basic and deadly. Best executed while imitating pass first before pulling it back the Pull Back Vee is tied in with timing.

The move is executed when the ball is marginally before you on the furthest side of your body and you pull it down towards you with the base of your foot then up the contrary route with within a similar foot. Making a “V” subsequently the name.

Things to recollect about the Pull Back Vee:

– More of a stationary move not one done at full speed

– The snappier the better

– Commit to it, don’t do half of it at that point think “gee golly I’m improved the situation”.

– One of numerous extraordinary football moves for getting away weight



So here’s a move that you’ll either be cheered for or chuckled at. Extremely troublesome and you’ll once in a while ever use it in an amusement, a Rainbow.

The ball begins on the ground then the two feet go on either side of the ball, one leg rolls the jumble the leg as alternate flicks it over the rival. Football moves like this are a lot less demanding said then done trust me. It will require a long investment for you to take in this expertise regardless of your dimension.

Things to Remember About the Rainbow:

– This move sets aside opportunity to learn and to be straightforward no compelling reason to ever utilize it in a genuine match

– Squeeze the ball and in one familiar movement roll and flick

– Practice it stationary before you proceed onward to doing it at amusement speed

– Don’t give your mentor a chance to see you attempt it in an amusement! May be the last time you see the field

Roll Heel

Get your move on! Football moves, for example, the Roll Heel take speed of foot and speed of thought.

So here we go, take the ball with within your foot (it is possible that one) over your body yet not very far in front. Move it about most of the way over your body at that point take it with the impact point or back piece of your other foot the other way. This one sounds dubious yet truly isn’t, you can deal with it. Football moves like some other ability are about redundancy and practice yet you ought to have the capacity to lift this one up decently fast.

Things to Remember About the Roll Heel

– Don’t roll the ball excessively far out before you or you won’t have the capacity to get your other foot on to it.

– Football moves like this one need change of pace so after you hit the ball the other way run!

– Execute the move at pace while moving not stationary in the event that you need it to work.


Hocus Pocus

Presently you see it, presently you don’t! The Hocus Pocus is an abnormal state expertise move that takes specialized capacity, timing and some genuine certainty to endeavor it doesn’t mind pull off, much like all abnormal state football moves.

The ball begins within either foot (utilize within your predominant foot trust me). The ball at that point while as yet utilizing within your foot goes behind your plant leg around it and back to where you began with the ball. So it goes, behind, around and back over. Significantly more troublesome said than done.

Things to Remember About the Hocus Pocus

– The quicker the better

– First, take in the move while stationary and afterward in the long run moving (it’s going to take some time)

– Lean forward somewhat so your plant foot can get out before you a little so the move can be executed somewhat simpler.

– The abnormal state move, so in case you’re simply figuring out how to spell “football”, football moves as troublesome as this one aren’t for you yet.

Single Lunge

Nothing extravagant here except for it works. The single rush resembles numerous things in football, basic yet compelling. Gives up through it decent and simple at this point. Running full speed at the ball venture to the other side of the ball faking/rushing that way and taking it with the outside of your other foot and run toward that path. It very well may be finished with either foot, football moves like the single jump are simple and destructive.

Things to Remember About the Single Lunge

– Sell the phony by moving the majority of your body load into the rush

– Like continually everything at speed

– Take the one touch the other way pleasant and long to evade your safeguard


Double Lunge

Since you’ve aced the single thrust time to make it one stride further and add another variety to add to your weapons store. So while running at speed at the protector thrust on your right side (shorter jump), rush to one side (longer lurch) at that point with the outside of your correct foot push it on your right side. Football moves like this one at speed is destructive for getting a protector shaky.

Things to Remember About the Double Lunge

– Quicker rushes the better

– Whichever side you do the principal jump to is the side you will wind up taking the ball to. So on the off chance that you lurch ideal to begin the succession will go – Right thrust, left rush, take ball to right.

– Make the main thrust shorter than the second to pitch it to the safeguard

– No multiple jumps, any more you’re not going to trick anyone


Ronaldo Chop

The Ronaldo Chop is a move accomplished all the more regularly by flank players taking players on at speed. It likewise gives you some division and time on the ball when flying down the field.

While running at full speed hitting the ball with within either foot hit the ball crosswise over and behind your planting leg. Sounds substantially more confused than it is. Extremely all it is a cut of the ball yet rather than before your legs it’s behind them. Some football moves sound increasingly entangled then they are and this is one of them, very straightforward truly.

Things to Remember About the Ronaldo Chop

– Get the ball out under your feet pleasant and wide to the contrary side

– Sell it by driving the ball forward with the outside of the foot then rapidly with within

– Do it progressing never stationary or you’ll end up playing make up for lost time


The Okocha

The Okocha name after Jay Okocha is effectively my most loved move and move I utilize the most in matches. It gives everything all extraordinary football moves do, speed, putting protectors cockeyed and a result.

While running at speed roll the ball with within your correct foot over your body and phony like you will hit it with your left foot however venture over it. While you’re doing this phony your body as though you’re running right and run with the ball to one side. The video above shows how simple and viable it truly is.

Things to Remember About the Okocha

– Roll the ball sufficiently far out over your body so it doesn’t stall out under your feet.

– Touch it with within your the foot you’re going to move it with to move your turn

– Just a fast body black out to the correct will do, no compelling reason to past due it.

– Burst of speed directly after you phony to the correct will keep your protector speculating which football moves you will pull off straightaway.