There is a dramatic rise in the demand for the coffin ring by couples that are intending to get married. This might not be unconnected with the fact it will be among the hottest wedding ring trends for the coming year. Whether you are about getting married or just love jewellery and accessories, this article takes a look at wedding jewellery and accessory trends that will be hot for 2019 according to experts.

Art deco – The vintage appearance has always maintained its place in the wedding jewellery niche. For this year, seek unique pieces that blend modern style with an antique appearance. Go back to your grandma’s jewellery box for pendants that feature photographs, and ethnic bracelets and necklaces from the original country of your forebears.

Nature and animals – Animal-inspired jewellery has always remained popular and will keep on trending into this year’s summer. So, you can go ahead and showcase your inner lioness with unusual animal-motif jewellery. Seek faux leopard or cheetah fur necklaces, feather earrings, faux animal skin bracelets, or elephant or tiger pendants. Choose an animal that best represents you to make it truly personal.

Green will remain great – In 2013, Pantone voted emerald as the colour of the year, and green still remains truly popular and on trend in 2019. Pay real homage to the love you have for the outdoors and nature with green gemstone jewellery. In fact, you can use such stones even when ordering amazing pieces like coffin rings online. Brides-to-be, pay attention; emeralds are still currently very hot in bridal jewellery, and they’ve even started replacing diamonds in several engagement ring designs and styles.

Metals rock – Silver metals, when used against tan skin, add a little edge to your appearance. A recent study verified that forty-six percent of all consumers prefer white metals over diamond jewellery. You can even go for a black diamond on white or silver metal if you happen to be feeling quite bold.

Neon coloured highlights – Yes, ladies still desire to have fun when it concerns ‘80s-inspired, bright colours. Opt for neon green, yellow, or pink pieces to inject a bit of ‘80s style into your own summer wardrobe this year.

Odd pieces are in – If you love unique and bold jewellery, then your personal style will certainly be trending during this year. Jewellery designers are now offering off-the-beaten-path pieces produced with stones like topaz, opals, and garnets for their colours that are truly unique. Go for gemstones and pieces that feature an organic, raw, and bohemian appearance.

Pastels say summer – Nothing says summer or spring wedding the way pastels do. Innocence is coming in again, so seek pastel-coloured pearls in pink or lavender and match the bridesmaids’ dresses with the pearls. At your office, include pastel coloured-jewellery to provide your neutral-coloured office attires with a real colour pop.

Retro estate appearance – It’s not a shame to shop vintage stores, yard sales, estate sales, and pawn shops. Estate jewellery is massively popular, thanks partly to the success of Downtown Abbey, the TV series.

These are the amazing wedding jewellery trends featuring amazing options such as the coffin ring that will certainly take to the stage this coming summer.