Has it ever happened to you that you have received a call from your gynaecologist? The reason for it that they would need to discuss the results of a pap smear test with you. Abnormal pap during pregnancy common is heard quiet often. This is the words that you would hear in a voice mail or from the word of your health care provider. The result is that your health is not in the perfect condition or you could feel nausea during the whole day. Though it might be a cause of concern, but an abnormal pap smear needs to be detected early. The reason for it is that if found out at an early stage preventive measures can be advocated as well. All this could be undertaken before it goes on to become worse. If you had one or are hoping to get rid of one, then you would need to be aware of the causes of an abnormal pap smear.

The main cause of abnormal Pap smear is HPV that goes on to detect abnormal cervical cells during pregnancy. This happens to be a sexually transmitted disease and it is possible that it can go undetected for a considerable amount of type as there are no symptoms associated with it. It is a disease which has close to 100 different types. The thing to be aware is that out of them 30 of the virus could be sexually transmitted as well.  Some of the HPV types are known as high risk types that can pave way for an abnormal pap smear. When it comes to the low risk ones that can pave way for a small abnormality on the cervix.  In the modern day close to 20 million people are affected with some form of abnormality. The thing is that 50 % of men or women who are sexually active are going to require HPV at a given point in their lifetime. So it is important that you need to be annual check ups

After you become sexually active it is suggested that you undertake Pap smear test. The check-ups are normally recommended but you can get in touch with your doctor and figure out the time duration of the check-ups. When you are pregnant and are due for an abnormal Pap smear test, the process is going to continue as it is .In fact it is not going to have any impact on your pregnancy, but the bleeding is going to be more than normal. Any form of treatment needs to be advocated only after the pregnancy is over. On the other hand if abnormal Pap smear is detected at an early stage the doctor may ask you to terminate the pregnancy and then prescribed course of treatment may be suggested.

The main causes of an abnormal pap smear are any form of reactive cellular changes or infections. The key is to detect them at an early stage and plan treatment of the same.