Lots of tourists are now taking Arenal volcano tours while visiting Costa Rica. Located in the northern part of the country, it’s among the most famous destinations in the nation. There are numerous other tours to the areas surrounding the volcano and for an excellent reason. With wonderful access to waterfalls, the nation’s largest lake, rainforest, a volcano, and a diverse collection of hotels, it is not a wonder that the Arenal is now the nation’s adventure capital.

Explore the Arenal national park

Undoubtedly, Arenal is the most famous and well-recognized of the nation’s volcanoes. It’s a symmetrical cone-shaped volcano which dominates the Arenal National Park’s fertile landscape. Till recently, it was the nation’s most active volcano with 41 eruptions daily on the average. Even though the volcano is presently undergoing a resting phase, the region features an abundance of fun and exciting adventures. Though you can’t hike up the volcano itself, experts recommend hiking through the National Park with a naturalist guide that’s bilingual in search of wildlife and lava flow.

Soak all-natural hot springs

Get your adventurous muscles soaked in the thermal water pools. The Arenal is also home to varying hot springs. Fashioned when water gets heated underground and then bubbles to the surface, the nation’s mineral waters have been utilized as therapeutic baths to treat rheumatism and other varying ailments. These natural wonders entice even the most experienced tourists to book Arenal volcano tours in Costa Rica – and for an excellent reason. What can actually feel better than a warm relaxing bath after an adventurous day, shadowed by the volcano’s beauty and surrounded by the jungle?

Hike to the La Fortuna waterfall

The small farming town near the volcano called La Fortuna is named after a beautiful neighbor, the La Fortuna waterfall. As one among the nation’s most beautiful waterfalls, it is right that is has turned so well-known. Fortunately enough, it can be arrived at only by foot (a hike of fifteen minutes) or horseback. From its lush rainforest greenery, La Fortuna drops 200 feet to slide into a pool of water that’s crystal clear. Remember to bring a swimsuit – on hot summer days, the pool is delightfully cool.

Hike the Arenal hanging bridges

Hike through this private reserve along its trails that are quite well maintained, and across an assortment of hanging and fixed bridges from where you get amazing views of the volcano. A naturalist guide will certainly point out the area’s fauna and flora such as sloths, monkeys, tree frogs, and several others more. You should not miss the trail of the waterfall extension that’s at the end of the hike.

Nearby white water raft

The Basal River is among the area’s most famous rafting rivers. Featuring class II and III rapids, it’s excellent for individuals of all skill levels and ages. The rafting section lasts for around two hours and features fabulous forested landscapes. Look out for wildlife while paddling along the forested waterways.

These are the foremost things you can do at the Arenal if you take any of the Arenal volcano tours when visiting Costa Rica. You will certainly have the time of your life with these activities.