Do you want to do a complete remodel of your garage but need some info and inspiration?

You don’t have to live in an ugly or cluttered space anymore. Your new garage will be beautiful and functional, just like your home deserves. And if you’re not sure where to start, we’ve also got plenty of tips for getting organized as well as ideas for decorating.

So go ahead and take the first step. Check out our ultimate garage renovation guide!

The Garage Remodel

A garage can be a daunting project, but if you’re not utilizing the space and it’s in good condition, the first step is simple: sit down and figure out what you like and don’t like about your space and that garage door.

If it’s cluttered and not very functional, take steps to organize things into categories and see what you can remove.  If you’re not using it at all, perhaps you could expand the space by adding a room above or to the side of it.

The possibilities are endless! Just look around tomorrow and I bet you’ll find a few things that need changing in your garage right away. Then go on to the next steps on this guide.

Start With a Plan

As with any project, a good plan is the first step towards success.

If you’re looking at adding new rooms to your home or simply want to rearrange things, make sure you take different possibilities into account. We’ve got some great tips for laying out that new room and making sure it can support and expand your needs over time.

Decide on a Style

We’ve got plenty of ideas for bringing new life into your garage and forming that perfect design.

From decorating to storage, each room has its own unique style guidance, so go ahead and find yours! For example, are you looking for something more rustic, industrial, modern or classic?

When you have that ready, get in touch with the best garage door company to bounce ideas off them.

Figure Out Your Function

Do you want to turn your garage into a shop for all your tools?

Or perhaps turn it into an entire workshop where you make everything from furniture to art pieces. There are plenty of directions you can go in when designing your new room and we’ll take you through all the best possible options.

Start Digging

Now that your garage looks better, it’s time to make sure you can fit everything in there nicely.

And even if you have to bring things up from your basement or down from your attic, we’ll show you how to make all those pieces work for your new room. Because remember, this is your special space now.

The Garage Organization

You spent time designing the perfect garage and it’s finally done!

Now it’s time to bring all those design ideas back to reality by actually building the room. For some, that means adding extra storage cabinets or opening up a wall so you can bring everything together.

But without a proper strategy, it could end up just being a jumbled mess.

Build Out Your Design Ideas

Once your storage and organization is in place, it’s time to finish that perfect design.

We’ve got plenty of decorating tips and tricks that can help turn your garage into a beautiful and functional room for everyone in the family. You can even get inspired by all the unique home decorating ideas that are out there.

And if none of our design pieces fit your style or you want to start something completely new, it’s time to get creative! There are plenty of garage remodeling projects out there and we’ll guide you through some of the best possible options.

That way, you can start to create a room that is truly special and unique.

5 Garage Designs to Consider

Here are some of the most popular garage designs out there to help you along with your project.

Whether it’s by creating a workshop, office space, or even guest rooms, each one has its own benefits and uses. So consider these suggestions and find the perfect direction for your new room.

The Basic Garage

Although not every home needs a room like this, it is a great place to store the family car and all the essentials.

It’s also where you can go to work on that old lawnmower or hang up your bike when you get home from school. With some basic organizing pieces, even this type of garage can become something special.

The Man Cave

The man cave is the perfect space for those looking to find their place away from home.

Whether you’re into video games or want a place to relax with your friends, we’ve got some great ideas that can help turn this garage into something special. And although it’s still pretty simple and straightforward, there’s plenty of room for bringing in new projects and renovations as your tastes change.

The Garage Workshop

If you’re looking for something that can turn into an entire workshop, there are plenty of ways to do so.

Whether it’s making this space feel like a full-on carpentry area or just somewhere to store all your tools, there is plenty of inspiration out there for figuring out the best place to start. But no matter how you do it, this is the perfect room for anyone looking to get their crafts on.

The Hobby Room

This is another great place where you can turn your hobbies into something amazing!

With plenty of garage remodeling ideas out there, we’ll show you how to build that perfect space for any interest. It’s a great way to get kids involved in what they’re passionate about while also giving you a designated spot for your own projects.

The Game Room

If you love playing with your family and friends, it’s time to bring that game room out of the house.

With some great decorating ideas, we’ll show you how to turn this space into something truly special for all those long nights. Even if it’s just a small area now, there are plenty of ways to turn this into a room that everyone will love.

Get Started With Your Garage Renovation

Now you have some design inspiration for your garage renovation, it’s time to get started with those renovation plans.

But don’t worry, you can refer to this guide to understand everything and show you how to transform your garage into something truly special for everyone in the family.

For more useful tips, be sure to check out the rest of the articles on the blog!