As if we go to discover the places and popularity of Kerala for the purpose of visiting over there, so you must go for finalize one very major thing that why we or any other person should go over there. Because Kerala have many places to tour for including temples, palaces, gardens,  beaches, backwaters, historical places, and genus of moth and many more things.

It’s not possible to visit for all the places or to go to see all the things.  Because this one thing will help you out to make your India trip memorable, knowledgeable, and the very important thing your way of thinking about nature means about existence of god, because it’s a god gifted place that India have got. And the reason behind it is that this place is not same as others because it shows the beauty of India, then the rest of the world. So as we have started its second name god’s own country. So it is preferable to know about the god’s home made by the people. There are some Ideas and attraction to visit Kerala (and you must go for them).

  1. Temples: These are the best places for them who want to feel the divinity and spirituality of Kerala, want to their background (pristhabhumi). So Sri Padmanabhaswamy temple (Thiruvananthapuram) is one of the very known and superiority holder with every aspect (architure, enriched tradition, uniqueness of festivals) among very famous temples of Kerala.  And this is the major face of the dedication of people for god Vishnu. And it was built in 8th century which shows the ancient history of Kerala. other than this temple here are some more which dictate the spirituality of Kerala temples are Ambalapuzha sri Krishna temple(Ambalapuzhaa), Sabarimala Sree Ayyappa temple(mostly visited by men) and many more.
  2. Palaces: The kanakakunnu palace (thiruvanathapuram), the royal palace, huge surrounded with large sprawling. Known for entertaining the royal family guest, and highly liked by the visitors for its cultural events(dancing specialty that lasts with atleast with 6 months duration) some more palaces for cultural & historical reign are like Hill palace(kochi,kerala) , The Paliam Palace(paliam Dutch), The Krishnapuram Palace(Alappuzha).
  3. Gardens: You’re going to miss a unique experience of Kerala gardens. Taste of tea and coffee, if you don’t visit aromatic and refreshing tea and coffee gardens of Kerala. These gardens add more charm and beauty in visitor’s mind for Kerala. And some names of famous attractive gardens of tea and coffee are periyar, munnar and Cochin.
  4. Backwaters and Houseboats:-Alleppey is one of the favourite regions of visitors to see the natural beauty of Kerala. These places backwaters, houseboats and waterfalls become more attractive when our Indian movies add some flavor of their shots of songs, dancing scenes between waterfalls. Boat race of Kerala (film-baaghi).
  5. Beaches: The best beaches amongst India are in kerala. But these are the places you may face need of guidance .so the guide of kerala beaches will help you to find right direction to go other places. The namely kovalam beach is, one of most desirable in kerala. It is nearby Trivandrum, mostly it is known for its open & fresh air and restaurants. And if you like to surfing so it will be give you a different feel of making fun.
  6. Historical monuments: If you want to add some historical places in tour of kerala. here are some monuments that are very attractive for tourists called Dutch Palace, Fort kochi, St. francis church , Bekal fort(known for largest and one of the best historical forts in kerala.) etc.
  7. Damns: Idukki district, second largest all over the world and Asia’s first arch dam is in kerala (1 amongst 14 districts) with 550 ft. high and 650 ft. wide. But now a days it is facing heavy flood crisis and on red alert.
  8. Festival places: If you love to celebrate festival and connected to the culture of India. So this is right place to visit in “Thrissur”. Namely Thrissur festival one of the famous temple festival in kerala.
  9. Haunted place: If anyone wants to experience some fear with paranormal activities. So these haunted places to explore one selves are Lakkid gateway, Fearful Bonacaud Bungalow(Even these places exist in god’s own country also)
  10. Shopping places: Shopping is the very important part of any trip and even people love to do it. So here are some places that give good shopping experience are Kochi, Trivandrum, Alappuzha, munnar and so on.