A lot of people are often hesitant about planning a trip to a metropolitan area. They believe that there will not be much to see, but on the contrary, the ancient cities of India like Delhi, Ahmedabad etc are a store of house of interesting places to check out!

So, are you thinking about planning a trip to Ahmedabad? Well, then, the first thing that you need to do is take a look at the Gujarat tourism hotels and book one of your choice. After you have fixed the place of your accommodation, the next thing that you need to do is check out these top 6 spots of Ahmedabad in order to make the best of your trip:

  1. Sabarmati Ashram: Also, popularly known as the Gandhi Ashram, this is the star attraction of this place. Situated in the Sabarmati district, just about half an hour away from the main area of the city, the Sabarmati Ashram draws millions of people from across the world to its meditative precincts. This is the place where Gandhiji and his wife had resided for a long period of time and he had channelled the Indian freedom movement from here. It was from this place that the famous Dandi March had kicked off. Today, there is a lovely museum here where you can check out some of the important artefacts and documents pertaining to that period.
  2. Kankaria Lake: This is an attraction of a different sort in Ahmedabad. This lake is the largest one in the city and every evening both locals and tourists alike flock to this place to check out the brilliant display of light that takes places here every day! If you are looking for a cool and relaxing spot at the end of tiring day of sightseeing, then this place fits the bill. If you are planning on visiting Ahmedabad sometime during December, do not miss out of the lovely carnival that is arranged by the side of the lake.
  3. Swaminarayan Temple: This is one of the most religiously significant places of Ahmedabad. As the name suggests it is dedicated to Swaminarayan and is the first temple in the country that is dedicated to him. This is a very important spot for all the devotees who flock to this city.
  4. DadaHati wav: Take a car or any form of public transport from any one of the Ahmedabad five star hotels where you will be staying and travel to this step well. The intricate carvings and the detailed architecture is something worth taking note of.
  5. World Vintage Car Museum: Are you interested in cars? Well then go and check out the lovely collection of both classic and vintage cars that this lovely museum houses!
  6. Jama Masjid: This mosque is as old as the city itself. Built during the reign of the founder of this city, Sultan Ahmed Shah, this mosque is not only one of the most prominent religious centres but it is also well known for its architecture.

Ahmedabad has a lot of places to see and explore. Plan a trip to this city to check out the wonders that it has in store, today!