Whether you’re a tourist visiting New Jersey for the first time, or someone who has lived in the Garden State forever, you’re probably wondering how you can spend your time here. Thankfully, there are many exciting things that you can do here, whether you’re wandering around alone or have lots of people to hang out with. Without further ado, here are a few great things that you can do while hanging out in New Jersey.

1.  Catch a show at the Hopewell Theatre

The Hopewell Theatre in New Jersey is a historical site that is loved by most people. It hosts regular shows that range from plays, musical performances and dance performances, and even screens old movies from time to time. In fact, watching a movie here is better than going to a Princeton movie theater as the films they showcase are actual cinematic treasures. You can go here for a date with someone you love, or simply go alone to spend some time with your own thoughts.

2.  Visit Akshardham

Akshardham is a spiritual Hindu temple that is located in New Jersey and is actually one of the best places to go if you’re looking to find yourself. The temple complex is quite large and you’ll be able to sit there and enjoy meditating or just walking around and enjoying the sites. This temple also has a hidden restaurant where you will find some of the yummiest Indian food in the state. There is also a special visitors center where you can go and see some of the artifacts and read Hindu stories.

3.  Check out the Palace of Depression

The Palace of Depression was built during the Great Depression, and is also known as the Strangest House in the world, or the House of Junk. It is a pastel coloured castle that is quite beautiful, set right on muck and mud, which is what makes it really interesting. The palace is like a museum and you will be able to see a lot of old artifacts that date back to the early 1900s.

4.  Head down to Diggerland, USA!

Diggerland, USA, is basically an amusement park but what makes it exciting is that it is a construction themed amusement park, which makes it unlike any other amusement park in the world. You can actually play with construction equipment and have a lot of fun with your children or date when you’re here. Even though it is construction themed, children can enjoy themselves here as the rides are deemed safe enough for even three year olds to ride.

5.  Visit the Insectropolis Museum

Whether you love insects or get grossed out by them, visiting the insectropolis museum is a great idea as you’ll be able to see a lot of bugs. The Museum doesn’t just have a collection of dead bugs, it also has live ones that you can see behind glass cases.