A skull ring and other types of gothic rings can be the best way to express your personality. Gothic rings can grab people’s attention. Gothic rings exist in many styles and you can choose a style that suits your needs.


Gothic rings have become very popular all over the world. This was a bold style that was known for bikers but now it has been adopted by different people. Their popularity doesn’t make the rings less appealing. You can still find some unique styles out there that no one in your area has ever seen yet. Here are the types of gothic rings you need to know.


Tribal pattern rings

These types of rings are more subdued. They are also culturally exotic and they follow a particular pattern. The patterns can be found on different types of rings. This style is a little simpler with a lot of options. From sapphire rings to band style rings, these rings add a unique touch to any ring. The tribal patterns can be incorporated into a skull or a cross ring.



Some people think of skulls when they hear the word gothic. Skull is a nice style and these rings can be used in a variety of situations. They portray a bold personality and come with a lot of options as well. You should not limit yourself to a single skull because you can choose any design when looking for skull rings online. You can get a ring with jewelled eyes to add a special touch to it and achieve a unique look. These types of rings can work with a variety of combinations and settings.


Animal rings

Everyone has that favourite animal that they would like to wear on their fingers. Most liked animal rings include snake rings, eagle and lion rings. I have also seen the dog and wolf rings although I am yet to see a rat ring. The options are wide when it comes to animal rings. There are millions of animals you can choose from and different styles for displaying each animal. Animal rings look very realistic and the artists who design them can do a lot of things with them.


Cross rings

There are different types of crosses that you can have on your ring. Crosses can be used to represent spiritual meaning and they can be found on many types of jewellery rather than just rings. There are cross rings with medieval shields, tribal patterns and simple band. They also come in a variety of settings.


Character rings

This is another unique option for gothic rings. You can show your pride by displaying legendary movie characters on your ring such as Darth Vader. The rings also come in a variety of styles. They don’t just represent the character but also the symbols used to describe the character.


Other gothic rings

Apart from the skull ring, character ring, animal ring and the cross ring, there are many other types of rings and you shouldn’t limit yourself. You can find gothic rings in many other styles.