There are times when we come across some videos on the internet that blow away our minds and we absolutely have to download them and save them. But if the video is on a platform such as YouTube or Instagram or Tumblr, we almost immediately give up and get disappointed and downloading a video from such platforms is very difficult according to us. But that is when technology gifted us with an app which can make video downloading very easy and that is VidMate downloader app. With this app, we can download any video from any site all over the internet. They’re not a single video on the internet which cannot be downloaded from this app and that is what makes it so amazing. Below are a few more reasons why the VidMate app is the best way to download videos from any site!

  • There is no limit to downloads:-

You can download as many videos as you like and save them to your virtual gallery as there is no limit to the number of videos which can be downloaded from this app. VidMate allows you to download unlimited videos and that too for free! There have been over 20 million downloads through this app and more and more videos are being downloaded every day!

  • Not just videos, you can download audios too! :-

The VidMate app gives you the option of downloading not only videos but audios too. All you need to do this find a video with the audio that you want and there is an option to download only the audio. VidMate extracts the audio from the video and lets you enjoy the audio without the hassle of a video coming along with it. It is very convenient to download audios which are only available along with videos as you will not have to play the video in order to listen to the song. VidMate has taken video and audio downloading to another level.

  • There are no viruses:-

There is always a risk of getting viruses along with apps which are for free and which provide everything that you need, but Vidmate is a free downloader app with no viruses or malware associated to it. So you can be relaxed and download your favorite video without the risk of downloading something harmful for your device. This feature has made VidMate one of the most trusted downloader apps all over the internet.

  • You can get it on 9apps:-

If you do not already know, 9apps is an app through which you can download all kinds of apps available on the internet at an unbelievably fast speed. The best part is the size of the app, which very less and you do not need to have playstore to get the app that you want. All you need to do is search for 9apps Apk download and the result will take you to their official site from where you can get the app and then feel free to download all the apps that you want. VidMate is easily found on 9apps and both these apps have made downloading very simple!

With the ease of technology we can get almost everything just by the click of a button and now with VidMate we are able to easily download videos and audios of our choice with unlimited downloads and that too for free!