Because of the app’s massive global user base (over two billion people), failing to use WhatsApp for customer care assistance means missing out on opportunities to keep and increase your client base. Because WhatsApp has over 2 billion users, providing excellent customer support through the app is a must.

There are already more than five million organizations globally that are utilizing customer support on WhatsApp. Then you should have a fundamental understanding of its features, such as a company profile, a product catalog, automated communications, and so on and so forth.

But there’s a lot more you can do with the app to improve your WhatsApp customer support service beyond these basic functions.

This post will cover the ways in which you can use Whatsapp Chatbot for business. 

Two Way Communication 

It’s much easier and more comfortable for consumers to communicate with you when you use their favorite messaging platform. The likelihood of a satisfied client increases with the speed of the response. If a consumer sends you an incoming message, you have 24 hours to respond to them. On the other hand, using a pre-programmed message Faster replies mean you get the task done for free while still maintaining customer satisfaction if you have effective and efficient lines of communication between users and customers.

Include an Instant Messaging (IM) Button for WhatsApp

A WhatsApp Business account is useless if it is not advertised. And here is where some companies fail.

They don’t promote their availability on the chat platform after installing the app and creating a WhatsApp Business account.

Your website is a great place to start when it comes to promoting your WhatsApp number and making it as visible as possible.

Your best Whatsapp chatbot number should be included on a dedicated page or at the bottom of your website’s footer.

However, we advocate going the extra mile and adding an easy-to-access chat button.

Obtain customer feedback

Customer input should be taken into account by 52% of the population.

Your company’s success depends on the quality of client feedback just as much as everything else. Companies should not hesitate to collect input from their clients when they have a fantastic platform like WhatsApp on their hands.

Customer feedback and mood may be gathered from the channel’s conversational flow.

Ticketing via WhatsApp

For their WhatsApp interactions, most businesses opt to create a ticketing system. As a result, the agent may receive a more complete picture of the client and tailor their communication to meet their specific requirements by having access to all of the customer’s information in one place. In order to improve customer satisfaction, the ticketing system utilizes and accesses data that is already in place.

You can use this technique to use your best WhatsApp bot to get to know more about your clients and connect with them. 

If you have been planning to use customer support Whatsapp for a while now, follow the ways above for effective use. The right use might bring conversions. So implement them right away.