The well-being of employees is vital, whether they are working in an outdoor or inside workplace. The importance of providing a safe place for your employees to do their job as effectively as possible goes without saying. It’s not just a matter of suitable employment and business policy. Employers are legally required to provide appropriate and adequate health and welfare facilities to their employees when they’re working. This includes drinking water, toilet washing, rest, and changing rooms. And all these facilities are provided in one place known as LAE Welfare Solution, one of the best welfare vehicle providers. They are determined to offer welfare units, so your employees get everything they want on the working site.

Be able to meet the legal requirements as an Employer

Sometimes it’s easier said than accomplished. What happens if you’re working with a team where services aren’t available quickly, like in remote locations, along the railway or roadside, or even for a night-time project?

Your staff will require basic facilities for their wellbeing, such as food and drinks during breaks.

What happens if your team has to arrive on site quickly or on short notice, and there is no time to set up welfare accommodation? Also, if you’re operating on multiple sites and working across various areas, is it economically feasible to provide permanent welfare facilities on each site? By keeping all this in mind, Team LAE Welfare Solutions have the solution for you, known as man units and welfare vans for hire.

Welfare Vans Help Maintain Productivity

A welfare van could be the perfect solution for your needs. They not only help you fulfill an employer’s legal requirements but also help keep your employees happy and increase productivity by providing them a warm, secure and comfortable work environment no matter where they may be.

Their mobility means they can reach your site quickly and without much planning. If you run multi-site operations, they can be driven from site to site whenever needed.

Though they are typically employed by our construction, groundworks, railway, road, and utility customers, the welfare vans with pump-out toilets are viewed as a cost-effective solution for businesses across other industries operating in diverse and demanding circumstances.

Features Of LAE Welfare Solution’s Welfare Vans 

Our top-quality, six, seven, and eight welfare vans come with various features that allow you to customize them based on your company’s and staff’s requirements. The welfare vans include:

  • Elbow to wrist sink with cold and hot water
  • Blown hot air heating
  • Anti-theft locking system
  • Early low water warning
  • Self-discharge/pump-out ceramic flushing toilet
  • 240V Power sockets
  • Window ventilation
  • Kettle
  • Drying area with garmet hangers
  • 3 step hand care unit
  • Paper towel dispenser
  • Microwave
  • Fire extinguisher
  • First aid kit
  • Reverse monitor with camera
  • Bluetooth Telephone/SatNav/Audio system

And more. You need to visit our online platform, fill in the details you are looking for the units and go for the welfare hire nationwide. Get in touch with us for more information.