If you are a food lover and can’t live without your favorite dishes then it is good to make them healthy. Cook the recipes in such a way that it does not lose its taste. Here you are able to get some excellent and few easy tips to adapt the recipes to reduce the number of fats. Salts. Sugar, calories and increase the fiber. These tips are good because all can be done without changing the normal daily diet.

Here are the few tips for the fresh meals that are going to help you out in making your food healthy and tasty.

Reduce Fats

While making frying food, prefers the non-stick fry pan or a dry-pan. Cook in such cooking utensils allows using less oil which will definitely go to cut the 45 calories per teaspoon in every meal. During cooking, if you find your meal dry, use water instead of adding oil. Try to change your ordinary oil with the olive oil. Use the less amount than the recipes suggest to add.

Reduce salt quantity

There are many of the recipes that demand to add salt. Instead of using the salt in the dish, it is good to use the alternative seasoning like the herbs, pepper, lemon juice, mustard, spices or vinegar. It is fully on the people to select their own season according to their taste. But keep in mind that add less amount. You are not familiar with the salt quantity you are using daily. You can calculate to find how much salt you are taking in your food every day.

Cut down sugar from Meal

Try to use the less amount of sugar in baking things. There are many recipes of cake that really taste better after the sugar quantity get halved. Following items are made without using the sugar.

  • Fruit Scones
  • Fruit cake
  • Tea Bread

These items get ready without adding the sugar, the fruits, and dry fruits will give the natural unique sweet taste. This will improve the health and taste of yours. Try to use this tip if you are really fond of sweets and can’t live without it. The best way is to try homemade meal & sweets from the valuable dealer in Lahore.

In meal increase Fibre

Use the brown alternatives of the rice, pasta, and the bread for increasing the measure of the fiber in the meal which will be going to make you feel energetic, healthy and longer. Not only this, do not use the pure white flour in baking the recipes. Try to custom the wholemeal and the plain flour in the baking items you prepare.  One of the best examples of increasing the fiber in the food is the apple crumble. You can use the oats to make it crunchy and full of fiber. There is much food delivered to your home services that lack in the fiber.


If you love to eat meat and can’t live without then you can have by removing the fats and skin before cooking. Avoid frying the meat. You can bake, roast, microwave, grill or even poach it. When you are roasting the meat put it on the grill rack that helps in dripping out all the existing fats from it. And if you are cooking the minced meat, the best way is to brown it and drain the all fats of meat before adding extra spices and additional ingredients in them.


It is good to cook the vegetables with herbs instead of using artificial unhygienic butter and oil available in the market. Try to eat more and more vegetables and pulses like lentils, beans, and peas as an alternative to meat. The green and seasoning vegetables are beneficial and give the great health benefits to foodies. If you want healthy meals delivered to your doorstep at the affordable price, you can place your order at Bawarchi Khana.


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