This is a question that is asked by majority of the people who want to build a strong, muscular body that others will admire and praise. The government recommend levels to take protein for those not into regular exercise is about 0.3 to 0.4 gms per pound of body weight. But if the person is into cycling, running, lifting weights or engaged in any other physical activities, then the intake should be increased a bit.

When exercising, more stress is placed upon the body. Upon training, the muscle cells are damaged. Protein synthesis is considered to be the procedure where new proteins are created by the biological cells to repair as well as develop tissues. Proteins in high levels can help the process and also contribute towards better insulin response and enhanced brain function.

During endurance training, the person will be needed to intake about 0.45 to 0.65 gms per pound of bodyweight, which again depends upon the activity level undertaken. If trying to bulk up or powerlifting, then this intake is to be increased by about 0.75 to 1 gm per pound. In rare situations, it becomes essential to enhance further intake. If the person trains for about five times in a week, then he is in caloric deficit state and already lean. He might be eager to preserve or build muscles and to achieve the same is to consume over 1 gm per pound. Upper limit is to be around 1.4 gms per pound of bodyweight. It will be wise to buy protein online india after consulting the health expert, to be on the safe side.


While planning the diet intake, it will be crucial to know if it is complete protein or not. for example, bread comprises of protein, however, lacks in certain type of amino acids, which means it is incomplete. But, bread when combined with other foods like beans can become complete protein, as beans has the essential amino acids which are not present in bread. Complete protein is stated to be something containing the 9 essential amino acids.

When forming complete proteins, trying to identify foods completing one another can be real tough. There are some sites that help people to identify the protein profile related to thousands of foods. There are also options to view foods having complementary amino-acid profiles.

How to calculate daily requirements?

In case, the person is unsure about the amount of proteins required when dieting and exercising, he can always take the help of the online calculators or the experts at the best online protein store india, who can provide valuable information. A protein calculator will take into account several aspects to provide the desired results.

There are thousands of protein products in the market, but not all will be able to provide the necessary results. Besides price comparison, the person has to focus more upon the ingredients present in them and also determine his specific requirements. Checking out the demos and reviews put up by the others can help identify the right one.