Pizza & Pasta is the heart of Italian food. To make homemade pizza, we require a soft base that just builds up the taste. To make Italian pizza & pasta dough, Italian 00 flour is used as it’s a gold standard for baking them.

You might be wondering, what is Italian 00 flour?  The 00 flour is finely milled flour that is used to make thin-crust pizza & pasta. Have you ever seen baby powder? It is so gentle and thin in properties that dissolve in liquid. Similarly, 00 Italian pizza flour has a light texture and quite demanding.

Reason to Use Powder Fine 00 Flour

If you ever visit Italian restaurants, they prefer using 00 Flour. The reason is the flour is thin, chewy, and crispy while eating. Whereas, durum wheat flour that is known as pasta wheat flour or macaroni wheat flour, is heavy and not very elastic. 

Durum wheat is not used much in Italian restaurants & hotels. Even the chefs don’t recommend it much. The bread & pasta made of durum wheat tastes nice but is a bit hard. So, 00 flour is a perfect fit for making pasta, bread, and pizza dough.

How Americans Categorise the Flour?

In Italy, flour is graded according to the extraction rate ( it measure the percentage of wheat extracted during the milling process). The grades fall from 00 to 04, where 00 flour is very white in comparison to other numbers. In simple words, they check the color of wheat flour. 

However, in the United States, they consider two main factors for grading the flour. First, the color of the flour (whether it’s white, brown, or a whole meal). The last factor is gluten strength, whether it is plain or strong. They prefer stronger flour as they like the taste of bread and have even texture.

Super Amazing Facts About Italian Flour for Pasta & Pizza

Easy Recipes to make dough with 00 flour

While preparing the batter for pizza or for other bread bases, the hydration level is essential to maintain. Chefs take into account the hydration factor while making the batter. Too much water can result in sticky dough, and become impossible to prepare the item further. Less water will end up with a dry crust.

Ratios are the measuring unit for making perfect dough. For instance, making food pizza dough, 65 percent of hydration level is set as a standard. Suppose you have 100 grams of flour, then add 65 grams of water to it. But it is a hassle to deal with, that’s why many people are looking for recipes that use italian 00 flour as it doesn’t create a problem to make a dough. 

Can be Prepared in Your Wood- Fired Pizza Oven

Are you looking forward to make Neapolitan-style pizza? If so, you require a super-hot oven. In case you have an oven that cooks fast and has a high temperature, then it 00 flour works best for you. Many people are ordering 00 flour online to enjoy Italian pizza.  

Some people have their own wood-fired pizza oven, which is naturally high in temperature. You can easily bake the pizza with milled 00 wheat flour as it has low sugar content & cook perfectly. In most cases, other flour is rich in sugar content and can burn at extreme temperatures.

Prevent your Batter to Stretch

People generally use bread flour for making pasta & pizza dough as it gives a chewy texture that you might want for pizza crust. 00 flour ground so finely that it makes your batter soft and thinner in contrast to bread flour( use for all-purpose)

It is so rich in quality that it makes the thin crust for pizza and doesn’t allow the dough to stretch. The same goes for homemade pasta. The finest of the flour makes the pizza or pasta look elegant & delicious. If you haven’t used 00 flour yet, then just go for it!

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