A small haven of peace in the heart of our greenery, the garden furniture is furniture that now holds great importance in our daily lives.

Space dedicated to relaxation and conviviality, to enjoy the sun and its outside, time for a drink, a barbecue or a real family meal, this furniture are now available in different forms and colors and are made from a variety of materials.

To choose a comfortable garden furniture, pleasant to look at and durable, which material to choose?

The different material choices

Whether you are a table with matching garden chairs or a veritable garden furniture with coffee table, armchairs and sofa, you will always have the opportunity to choose between different materials such as wood or metal. Each will choose his garden furniture according to the criteria that he deems important, knowing that each material has its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take stock of the different subjects.

Wooden garden furniture

Wood is a timeless garden. Easy to live in, the wooden garden furniture is a piece of furniture every day, which allows you to do different activities. In addition to relaxing, afternoon tea, lunch or dinner outdoors, this type of garden furniture is also used to tinker on, etc. In addition, whatever the species, all are made to go outside because they are naturally rot-proof.


For a trendy garden room, why not invest in a beautiful teak table? Very resistant, the teak is indeed the wood for the garden furniture par excellence. To justify its high price, besides its aesthetics and its beautiful color, teak furniture will not be damaged and it will last a lifetime. Summer or winter, autumn and spring, your teak garden furniture welcomes you to your garden. Like oak, teak withstands bad weather and ages well.


Other species, such as acacia, are gaining market share. At half the price of buying teak, acacia is a tree that grows very quickly and is much easier to produce. Less dense than teak, it is also much more fragile, and can be preserved for about ten years.


You can also choose eucalyptus, which is a wood that grows very fast. Very affordable, it is usually found at the entry level.

Rattan and bamboo

Finally, chic and modern with a little exotic side, rattan and bamboo are materials that are found more and more in garden furniture choices. Much more weatherproof, to last, they must be absolutely returned in rainy season. In addition to being aesthetic, rattan or bamboo furniture offers the advantage of integrating perfectly with the interior or exterior decor.

Wood maintenance

In terms of maintenance, wood is a living material that evolves over time. He tends to gray. But the best way to preserve it is to let them age naturally and especially to avoid painting or vitrifying. Once the paint or verification flakes, it is necessary to repaint and the furniture has been painted more paint peeling quickly. Put a mineral oil or oil specially made for wood that is renewed every 2 or 3 years, depending on the state of the furniture. If you want to know more about outdoor lounge sets click here.


In the category of aluminum garden furniture, we speak rather of aluminum tables and chairs, the table top can be made of glass, batten, wood, textile and the seat and back of the table. TPEP (Perforated Polyester Canvas) chair, made of wood, wicker resin, butylene or textile. Appeared very recently, HPL is a new material for garden furniture. High density laminate, designed to withstand weather, UV, mold, HPL is a material specifically suitable for outdoor use. Very trendy, it exists in imitation wood and imitation concrete.

Aluminum has the advantage of requiring very little maintenance. It does not rust and supports all weather conditions (cold, rain or UV), even the toughest. In terms of functionality, aluminum garden furniture has no equal. Lightweight and easy to handle, they can be foldable and stackable for easy storage. This aluminum garden furniture, especially available in white or anthracite gray, with chairs with different color backrests and backrests, adapt especially to modern and contemporary style. For maintenance, cleaning with warm water is sufficient to maintain the freshness of the shade. Every 3 or 4 years, you can spend a color renovator without damaging the structure.


Treated by catachresis, galvanized or stainless, steel garden furniture is more and more solicited. Light and very aesthetic, steel makes it possible to create garden furniture with various designs and styles. Solid, impact resistant, waterproof and durable, they have a good longevity, when well maintained. The maintenance of this type of furniture consists in cleaning them regularly with soapy water. In case of rust, just swap the soapy water with a small amount of turpentine. For better protection, steel garden furniture will be more sheltered from winter indoors or under a tarpaulin or a protective cover.