Breaking into a competitive industry is a challenging task. eCommerce has become very popular in recent years and sales have shot up significantly since the pandemic began. Even brands that had a thriving presence offline are now forced to offer online alternatives. If you’re a small to mid-sized business with limited marketing budgets, it is a good idea to invest in reliable e-commerce photography services.

Good-quality professional photography offers several advantages. You can establish a strong brand, draw more customers, showcase your products in the best light, and ensure prospective customers have the information they need to make informed decisions. A professional photographer does more than just take beautiful pictures of your products. Here’s a look at some things you can expect from them:

1. Consultation and Budgeting

Consultation is a big part of product photography because it helps professionals understand what their clients truly need. A photographer will ask you questions about your products or services, branding, target customers, and more. They will also ask you questions about your goals and concerns related to the project. Once the photographer and client are on the same page regarding the project, the photography will provide a detailed quote.

The cost of e-commerce photography services can vary from one studio to another. It is based on factors like location, the photographer’s reputation, level of experience, overhead costs, cost of models, etc. You can discuss all of the expenses involved and plan a budget accordingly. An honest and straightforward photographer will also tell you where to cut corners so you can fit good-quality images into your marketing budget.

2. Marketing Research

Research is also an important factor in product photography. Professionals collect information from clients and then conduct their own research. They pull data from third-party sources and look at what kind of aesthetic the target audience prefers. For example, if the client wants to target a young and artsy community, the photographer will take that into account and spend some time trying to understand this customer profile.

Research can help photographers come up with a customized solution for your brand. Without research, product photographs can lack purpose and direction, which can limit the number of sales they generate. When photographers go that extra mile to ensure their images reach the right audience, they’re a worthwhile investment. It is a good idea to engage such a studio’s e-commerce photography services for the long term.

3. Planning Production Photography

Most e-commerce businesses have a big inventory of products and they want to upload pages for those products at the same time.Professional photographers know how to process a large number of products in a short time. They set up a production of sorts in their studio and shoot pictures of one product after another in rapid succession. This allows professionals to take pictures of hundreds of products within a few days.

If you have a large inventory, it is a good idea to invest in good-quality e-commerce photography services.While DIY photographs can be good, they are rarely consistent. You need to make sure your portfolio of product images always represents the brand well and is consistent.

4. Setting the Stage

Once the photographer has planned everything, they can set the stage for the shoot. Most professionals will work with lighting techs, assistants, and models during the shoot. They will make sure the background is impactful but not distracting. Setting up the stage is an important aspect of e-commerce photography services because it allows photographers to create dynamic images while still showing the product in the best possible light.

A good setup will convey a specific message while maintaining the focus on the product. What you sell will always be the hero of the image and will have the most visual impact on the customer.

5. Shooting Photographs

The photographers start shooting immediately after the set is ready. They take pictures from different angles, use different camera settings, switch lenses if necessary, and make sure they have many options. Not all of these images will be finalized. The photographer will choose a handful from every session to edit and finalize for the client.

The shoot doesn’t last for long, especially if the photographer only has a small inventory of items to photograph. One or two products will barely take a couple of hours. You can ask the photographer about the detailed timeline to get a better idea of what to expect.

6. Editing

The project doesn’t end after the shoot. A professional will carefully examine all of the raw images and determine which ones fit the client’s original requirements perfectly. Once they have selected the best options, they will start editing the images. The editing process is a crucial part of e-commerce photography services because it ensures the images look crisp and professional.

An expert will correct all flaws like white imbalance, smudges, reflections, color issues, brightness and contrast issues, etc. Once the editing is complete, the pictures are ready for the client.

7. Delivery

Most studios will upload the finalized images into a private cloud server. Clients will have open access to these images and can download them onto any device. Some studios make sure images are accessible permanently while others will only store the images for a specific period before removing them.

It is a good idea to confirm how long the images will be available to you. We recommend downloading and storing the copies on a private server so you never lose track of them. The cost of image storage is included in the e-commerce photography services pricing. Confirm with your studio and discuss alternate delivery methods if necessary.

If you’re satisfied with the images delivered, you can proceed to upload them on your e-commerce platform and see the sales number rise soon after. Professional e-commerce photography services are a worthwhile investment because they deliver consistently high-quality images. If you hire a reliable and well-established photographer for the job, you’ll get good returns on your investment. Be sure to get quotes and consultation from a wide range of vendors,