The Australia visa subclass 189 is a visa which has so many advantages linked to it. The candidate can get to be a part of Australia for such a long time. This country provides a great lifestyle for the candidate. The candidate is entitled to an excellent life when he is in this country. Australia has been known to attract immigrants from kinds of age groups to old people also. So, immigrants go to Australia knowing that they have got better opportunities lined up for themselves and their future generations also. Australiais pollution free

There is fresh air in Australia. So, you can enjoy the air and have benefits of having a healthy life. There is no end to it. The country has also been known for its clean pollution free environment with a high score of 80 given as per the Environmental Performance Index. So, you have the best of life in this country. That’s why it recommended that one should opt to get Australia visa subclass 189.

Apart from having no pollution, Australia is also safe from the point of view of no crime at all. In fact, its cities have been known for their, safety. Sydney has the 10th ranking in the world as the best city to live. Melbourne has the 15th ranking with respect to as one of the most comfortable cities to live. So, these cities have been chosen by immigrants since a long time for immigration to Australia. Melbourne and Sydney are the most preferred options for any immigrant.

Why decide to live in Sydney?

Sydney has a very low population of 5,131,326 due to which so many immigrants choose it. This city is known for the way it lives. There is a quality added to your life when you decide to live here. So, you always are in the best of company here. When you are in Sydney, you have all your weekend trips jotted down for you. There is an endless number of beaches in this country, and all are exceptionally photogenic. However, the beaches, in Eastern Australia definitely need a visit. Starting with the beach of Bondi to, the Coogee beach, these 5 beaches(Bronte, Tamarama, Clovelly, Bondi, and Coogee) make you cover a coastline of 6 km. You can, also gaze at the beautiful sculptures which are exhibited in the world famous exhibition called the Sculpture by the Sea every year.

This exhibition is held on this coastal walk stretching out from Bondi till Coogee and has a massive scale with artists who come here from different parts of the world to showcase their creations.

How to get the Australia skilled independent visa subclass 189?

There is a single occupational list called the MLTSSL. Anyone who wants to be in Australia should have some experience in the profiles of MLTSSL. This level of experience if not based in Australia should not be less than 3 years. Any immigration consultant who has experience can help you get the Australia skilled independent visa subclass 189.

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