The chiropractor in Dubai Novomed Clinic has been extremely helpful and has changed my life. I had been experiencing horrible back and neck problems

because of bad posture for such a long time. I had a very stiff neck that made it difficult for me to tilt my head or bend it back. My back was completely frozen, making it impossible for me to walk or even move at times. I was totally unable to function or drive. I saw two different chiropractors who advised me to just take it easy and walk it out, which did not relieve any of my pain or discomfort. For that reason, I did a lot of research and found a lot of positive reviews about Novomed’s chiropractors and decided to give it a shot, and I am so glad I did.

I instantly felt welcomed at Novomed because of the friendly employees and the welcoming atmosphere. The chiropractor was so kind and caring. He took the time to understand my various problems and guaranteed that he would be able to help me get rid of all of them. The chiropractor is competent and pleasant, and he helped me correct my posture so that the ache I was feeling has now vanished. In addition to addressing the pain, he put me on a schedule of weekly visits, adjustments, and at-home exercises to strengthen my neck and spine for long-term health. Thanks to his knowledge and expertise, I can move my whole body completely, and I also sleep better.

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Now that I visit this office frequently, I feel a million times better! I feel like I am a new person with a new life. I am finally able to do whatever I want to do without worrying about being in pain. I had a great experience working with him, and I would suggest this chiropractic clinic to anyone experiencing any kind of body pain.

I was really pleased with the overall experience. The doctor is an expert at what he does and employs the best techniques for reducing pain and enhancing general wellness. My only regret is that I did not go to Novomed sooner