Live stream shopping can be defined as the process of leveraging live stream video broadcast on the internet to sell products to viewers. Sellers can sell live by hosting live shopping shows on their own eCommerce website. Sellers and retailers can also draft in the help of influencers to advertise their products. 

Live video shopping has been incredibly relevant for China’s retail industry. Live shopping not only contributed to the growth of online shopping sales in China but it created a new profession for live commerce streamers. According to reports, live stream shopping in China will reach US$100 billion by 2023, representing a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 45.7%.

How Does Livestream Shopping Work?

Live video shopping is the evolution of home shopping TV channels like QVC and Home Shopping Network. Unlike pre-recorded videos, live video shopping relies on real-time video delivery. Brands today also approach famous influencers and industry experts before a live shopping show to get them to sell products for them. Such influential personalities being experts take the benefit of their expertises and address and engage with the audience effectively. This enables your customer to trust your brand and eventually they end up buying your products.

In China, for instance, the influencers are known as Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs). According to reports, influencers in China work for around 4 hours straight, advertising an average of 12 heavily discounted products every hour, while viewers and buyers can comment and call in to interact with them and ask for more details about the products. This explains the popularity of influencers and the live online shopping trend.

Brands also invite professional online streamers, celebrities, factory or store owners, even CEOs, and brand ambassadors to their live shopping shows.

Such people bring their own relationship of trust. This trust either comes from the empowerment of their community relationships or from their personal credibility. Furthermore, after the popularity of brand self-broadcast, many company CEOs are getting involved in live streaming shopping and they often get better commercial effects due to their professionalism, topicality, and trust relationship. 

Why Is Livestream Shopping Gaining popularity?

Live commerce is a relatively recent digital shopping experience that is enabled by emerging new online video technology. Livestream ecommerce is near the peak of the first wave of expectation, and it has already reached the plateau of widespread adoption worldwide, Live Shopping in the USA especially.

Live Streaming Shopping is rising in popularity because of the following reasons:

The pandemic accelerated the trend towards online shopping by up to ten years. This has also made consumers more comfortable using virtual services. Hence when it comes to shopping online shoppers look for experiences that replicate in-store experiences.

While shopping online shoppers always look for personalisation and humanization. Live shopping has a more personal feeling due to the engaging nature of live shopping shows. Such Livestream shopping shows bring back the feeling of buying from a real person as we did in days gone by from sales assistants in store, helping to enhance the customer experience by bringing human warmth back into the impersonal and efficient world of next-day delivery.  

The world of eCommerce and live video shopping is unbelievably dynamic. Live streaming shopping is great for e-commerce especially when both of these two are completely integrated into a solution.

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