In other countries, trains are used for transportation. People take them as a mean of transportation. They go to different places by train. But in India, trains are no longer just a mean of transportation.  You know the first passenger train in India travelled between Bombay (BoriBunder) and Thane on April 16th1853. This 14-carriage train was hauled by 3 steam locomotives: Sindh, Sahib and Sultan. Since that first train in that era, the love of people for trains in India has multiplied significantly.

In India, people love to travel by train. Passengers are ready to go on trips whenever they get a chance. Trains are giving a chance to passengers to have a great time of their life. Of course, people have their fond memories with trains. Whether they travel with their family members, friends or acquaintances; trains leave a mark in their life. Of course, when you use a thing for so many times and so often; you develop a sort of relation with it.  And icing on the cake is that Indian railway reservation is no longer a tedious process!

Trains have undoubtedly become an integral part in the hearts of Indians. Trains are taking passengers to places every now and then. You can find more than   12,617 trains running every day in the country. Thesecarry over twenty three million passengers daily – equivalent to move the whole population of Australia – linking more than 7,172 stations. It is not a small number at all. It is this vastness, diversity and wholesomeness that make passengers so contented with these trains.

A Boon for Poor

Whenever a poor person wants to go to any other place in the country, he simply looks out for options. The first option that strikes his mind is of railways. Indeed, trains are absolutely comfortable and available in every area of the country. You can find trains connecting all the spots no matter metro cities or remote areas. Similarly a huge factor for many people is money. Financial conditions keep people from going to different places for enjoyment or work. They fear that they won’t be able to afford travels. But in the realm of different trains running day in and day out in the country; it is no longer a fear. Poor passengers can easily find their place in the unreserved compartment of trains. These compartments have really a nominal fee and anybody can afford it. In this way, there remain barrier free journeys for poor passengers. Perhaps that is the reason poor people love trains to the core.

Variety on the route

Finally, when trains can take you through different fields, passages, tunnels, over bridges, and even under roads; what else can you expect? These train journeys are full of life for the passengers, who want to explore the world, they can know more about the sites and landscapes that their country offers. When the beautiful mountains or splashing rivers cross your window during a journey; there can be nothing more hypnotic than that. Ah, it won’t be wrong to say that people prefer trains because of this scenic delight too.

Thus, you can easily find a myriad of train lovers in the country!