With so many cosmetic treatments for you to try, it can get somewhat daunting when you have to choose a treatment for yourself. There are tons of cosmetic treatments out there which are not in everyone’s spotlight and so information on them is often scarce. But even popular treatments, including Botox, are regularly misunderstood both in terms of the procedure and the results.

This is why it’s so important to know as many details about these cosmetic treatments as possible, as this is going to help you make an informed decision in the future. Knowing the finer details, like how the Cooltone procedure works or the Botox cost NYC clinics currently operate with will make you a more educated client in the beauty industry, making it easier to pick out exactly what you want and need.

Not every clinic is like NYC’s Skinly Aesthetics where they talk about all the treatments they have in great detail, right down to the side effects and how long it takes to recover. Some clinics choose to omit certain details about their treatments which end up catching their patients by a surprise. Imagine going to get the lip augmentation treatment not knowing exactly what to expect. It can be nerve-wracking but it doesn’t have to.

  1. Botox

It’s always easy to start with Botox, considering how popular that name has gotten even outside of the beauty industry. You’ll constantly hear people mentioning that name even if they don’t exactly know what it is or how it works. But Botox is popular for a reason: it offers unprecedented results, ones that other treatments can barely achieve.

With a few injections of the botulinum toxin, certain nerves are numbed which causes the muscle contractions of the face to stop. These contractions are the ones responsible for the wrinkles and age marks that are formed on the surface of the face. So when these contractions stop, the wrinkles become significantly less visible in turn making the face look younger.

When the wrinkles become less visible you will notice just how younger and more vibrant the face gets, looking far more energetic than it did in recent history.

  • Juvederm

On the other hand, there is the filler brand Juvederm, which is quite popular with clinics all across the country and especially in NYC. It’s just one brand of the dermal filler compound, which is a hyaluronic acid-based gel that is used to fill certain areas of the skin which have become saggy.

Younger faces have little pockets of fat built up which are responsible for lifting up the skin and keeping it tight. This tight skin lacks wrinkles and other age marks. But as time goes on and these pockets of fat naturally deteriorate, this smoothness disappears under saggy, wrinkly, worn-out skin.

To counteract this, practitioners are able to inject dermal filler which absorbs moisture in that area and expands lifting the skin of the face. As the gel lifts the face it restores the volume and makes it look very fresh. Juvederm is a great compound for anyone looking to get a bit of their youthful energy back and is very popular in NYC clinics.

  • Lip Augmentations

Not entirely finished with the Juvederm compound, lip augmentations are a line of facial enhancement treatments which also utilize the filler compound. Now, the filler used in lip augmentations is a slightly different variation of the one used to restore volume, but it is still a filler and it works very well in the lips as well.

Thick, plump lips have been all the rage for a very long time. They’re just so trendy right now that many people wish to make bigger lips a part of their self-image. Now, there is nothing wrong with having thinner lips. They are also very attractive in their own right and can be very beautiful. But for those looking for thicker lips, there is a way out.

Lip fillers or lip augmentations are a great way to add some plumpness and volume to the lips but without the danger of making them look artificial. This problem plagues other kinds of treatments, but filler-based lip augmentations don’t have to worry about this as much. The dermal filler compound is great to work with as it allows for the practitioner to make the lips look bigger but without putting their authentic shape and form on the line.

Many people worried about those very artificial-looking duck lips don’t have to fear lip fillers, as the results will look as authentic as a pair of naturally thick lips.

  • Cooltone

Our bodies are all built differently. You could eat all the food in your fridge and not gain a single extra pound, whereas some people spend hours at the gym daily, only to be disappointed on the scale later that same day. Sometimes nature does not want to give us what we are looking for. This is the case with many people who constantly exercise and train, but end up barely seeing their muscles as they just cannot seem to tone them properly.

This is why treatments like Cooltone exist. Utilizing special magnetic muscle stimulation technology, Cooltone is able to convulse the muscles at super-fast rates. As the muscles go through these fast contractions, they get stronger and more toned, becoming significantly more visible and sculpted. It is basically a shortcut to an otherwise arduous exercise and training routine that not everyone has the time nor energy for. If you can train your body through all the natural means and have the energy to go to work or handle your responsibilities, then good on you.

But for many people, the gym isn’t always an option. Cooltone, however, is. The procedure is super fast, it is non-invasive so it doesn’t damage the body in any way. The results, however, speak for themselves, as you can see clearly how toned the muscles are.