Why Does It Ring Alarm for Your Vision?

Do you often get double vision? Or is it just after drinking too much liquor? If it is the latter, then you should cut down on your drinking. 

But if it is the prior without any rhyme or reason, you should consult an ophthalmologist. Double vision can be funny when someone else is getting and doing some stupid antics. But if it is you, it gets inconvenient. You will find it difficult to do any activity without stumbling. If you have a hobby of reading books, you will have to say goodbye to your favourite pastime. 

Why is Double Vision so Problematic?

When you see things in multiples or doubles, it is called double vision or diplopia. Many reasons can give you a double vision.

  • Damage to cornea
  • Damage to the eye lens
  • Weak eye muscles
  • Damage to optic nerves
  • Brain diseases
  • Dry eyes

Damage to Cornea

If your cornea is damaged, you might start having double vision. It can be after getting an eye injury or head injury. A concussion can lead to a double vision which gets normal after some time. But if your cornea is damaged somehow, it will take time for the double vision to go away.

Your eyes cannot focus properly when your cornea is damaged. The centre of focus is shifted, and you see multiples. 

The cornea can get damaged from eye diseases as well. Keratoconus is an eye condition when the cornea becomes conical in shape. Infections like herpes, shingles can also damage the cornea and give you double vision. 

Damage to Eye Lens

Injury can be a cause. Or diseases like cataracts can affect your vision. In cataracts, when the eye lens becomes too clouded, it can give you double vision. With surgery, the clouded eye lens is removed, replacing it with an artificial lens. You can get glasses online to correct your vision after getting the surgery. You can get a clear and comfortable vision.

Weak Eye Muscles

When you drink excessively, your muscles relax. The muscles around your eyes also weaken and give you diplopia. And drinking excessively regularly can make your eye muscles too weak. This will impact the functioning of your eyes. Your eyes become more sensitive, and you also find your eyesight deteriorating.

Another reason for weak eye muscles is ageing. Signs of ageing start from the area around your eyes. Wrinkles form around your eyes. Your eye muscles weaken, impacting your vision. You have more chances of getting diplopia at an old age. 

Autoimmune diseases like Myasthenia Gravis or Graves’ disease can also cause diplopia. Consult your eye doctor if you are suffering from diplopia for too long.

Damage to Optic Nerves

The brain is the organ that processes information. Often your eyes might work fine, but the information conveyed to the brain is different. Any damage to your optic nerves can result in double vision. The optic nerves can get damaged because of diseases like multiple sclerosis, Guillan Barre syndrome or diabetes. Even excessive drinking can result in damage to optic nerves.

Dry Eyes

Many people complain about getting dry eyes. The vast majority of them are on digital devices suffering from computer vision syndrome. Working for long hours can contribute to double vision. Wearing blue screen glasses in such cases can prevent or reduce diplopia.

Women suffer from dry eyes too often as they go through hormonal imbalances because of pregnancy, menstruation or birth control pills. This can also cause them to see doubles of multiples.

Brain Diseases

Your brain is the one giving you the images. If your brain has some issues, your perfect vision or nearly good eyesight can get affected. Double vision, headaches, migraines are common symptoms of grave diseases like brain tumours or aneurysms. If you get these symptoms too often, go for a comprehensive eye test and also a CT scan to be sure. 

Double vision is problematic. You have trouble doing your favourite activities. You are inconvenienced. With glasses, you can reduce the inconveniences. If you are already a glasses wearer, get your glasses reglazed with new and high-quality blue light glasses plus UV protective lenses. X-Blue UV from Specscart gives you 99.99 percent protection from blue lights and a cent per cent protection from UV rays.

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