Mannequins have made their mark on the fashion industry in the recent past. Presently they are utilized by almost every fashion brand in order to make their display windows look more attractive and relatable to the customers and attract them in their stores with the aim to sell their clothing products. With the much increased demand of mannequins, sellers or retailers of them have innovated so much that now there are multiple choices in the types of mannequins to choose from for brands when they plan to buy some for their display windows. One very useful type is the Articulated Mannequins. These types of mannequins have certain ease of use features that have enabled them to be loved by fashion retailers across the world. The basic purpose of any mannequin is to be dressed up with the brand’s best clothing lines and attract customers in stores while they advertise those clothing lines. Some very basic and easy steps on dressing up these articulated types of mannequins are below:

1: Choose the Best Available Clothing

The first basic thing to do when preparing to dress your mannequins up is to choose the very best and stylish clothing available in store. Sometimes it is easy to think that average type of clothing might be more attractive for the general consumer, but according to research, that is not the case. People even when looking for more average type of clothing both in looks and prices, tend to get attracted towards the most unique, fashionable and charming dresses the brands can offer. Once they do get attracted by those top of the line clothing lines and visit the stores, they can be sold dresses and clothing according to their specific needs and requirements even if they are more average than the dress that attracted them in the first place.

2: Twist the Limbs to get them Ready to be dressed up

The basic advantage with the articulated type of mannequins is that their limbs are twist and turn able to a great degree. Some of them can do a full circle of twisting and all the way back to the starting position. This enables their limbs to be twisted, straightened out or turned just like a regular human being would when wearing their dresses. Do this and prepare the mannequin to be dressed up without having to take any of the limbs off the body. This will save time and effort when compared with the regular type of mannequins.

3: Slide the Clothing on

Once the limbs have been placed in position, slide the clothing or dresses on from whatever side or direction that suits the application process. Underwear if needed should go first, followed by the bottom bits that can be any from shorts, trousers, tights, jeans or even skirts, then put the upper bits on that can vary from t-shirts, sleeveless, any fancy tops or gowns when needed. The jackets or other winter style layers should go last because they are supposed to be on top of everything else.

4: Apply the Finishing Touches

Once the articulated styled mannequins have been dressed up using the very top quality clothing lines available, continue with the accessories like jewelry, scarfs, and hair or facial expressions. Jewelry can be really important for female mannequins, scarfs can suit both sexes and hair or facial expressions play a vital role in making them look realistic. Put dressing appropriate hair on the mannequin and style it to suit the style of its dressing just right. What we mean is for a formal dressed up mannequin, don’t use a casual hair style and vice versa. Facial expressions like lips, eyes, nose, eye brows or ears can really make the difference in making them look relatable as much as possible.