Possessing an ideal height is a desire of a number of men and women. It is believed that your height is depended on the gene. It is true in most of cases. Some studies illustrated that people are no longer able to grow taller once they pass puberty. Normally, the period of puberty terminate after 18. The growth of height slows down due to the insufficient nutrients provided to the body as well as the decrease of the hormone in minerals like phosphoric or calcium.

However, some recent researches pointed out the possibilities of the height increase even when you are around the age of 25. Although the speed of this increase is not so remarkable to recognize but you should be happy for this.

This article will suggest some easy tips to follow at home on how to grow taller naturally which can help you to improve your height. You should try one or combine some of them to receive the positive results:

  1. Do exercise regularly

Sure, the very first tip mentioned in this article is nothing but exercises. You cannot boost your height if you let your body be free all the time. Therefore, let’s start by making it busy. On some first days, you should spend at least 30 minutes a day to do several exercises. Some exercises advised are volleyball, swimming, basketball, raising the bar, high jump or cycling. After the body is familiar with such activities, you can combine some abovementioned exercises and perform longer.

Note: Remember to repeat it regularly until seeing positive results and keep doing it to strengthen your endurance.

  1. Yoga

For long, yoga has been considered as a group of practices which help improve your physical appearance as well as mental health. It is undeniable to regard it as an effective way to grow taller naturally. It is said that possessing a good health physically and mentally plays an essential role in the process of height improvement.

Moreover, yoga also helps you feel free and energetic after an exhausted day.

You should practise some stretching movements in the practices group of yoga at least 30 minutes per day.

  1. Calcium supplement

The next tip is calcium supplement.

Undoubtedly, calcium is among indispensable minerals for the structure of bone. Therefore, it plays an important part in the bone development, thereby increasing your height.

You are advised to consume more calcium-rich foods such as milk or dairy products, sardines, broccoli, watercress, kale…Using them in raw or cooked depends on your taste.

Also, regarding bone health, calcium supplement is a natural remedy for sprained ankle.


  1. Vitamin D supplement

It will be a mistake if you mention calcium without vitamin D. In fact, calcium cannot work effectively without the assistance of vitamin D. It is because calcium may not be able to transform itself to other form in nurturing bones if the body is insufficient in vitamin D.

Here is the advice for you: taking a sun bath in about 30 minutes in the early morning daily. Otherwise, you can supply vitamin D to the body by consuming such foods as: salmon, shrimp, tuna, dairy products or cereals.

  1. Sleep enough and punctually

Sleep enough and punctually – this is the next tip for you. It sounds simple but not everyone has this habit properly.

It is said that the sleep affects you in various aspects including your height. Therefore, get enough sleep helps you a lot in improving your height.

You should sleep enough 8 hours per night and take a nap in about 20 minutes every noon.

Note: Remember not to stay up late after 23 p.m.

  1. A balance diet

Your body needs essential nutrients to enhance the process of increasing the height. This source of those nutrients come from nothing but foods.

However, unless you have a reasonable diet, you cannot reach the goals. So, what is a reasonable diet? A reasonable diet or balance diet means a diet with sufficient nutrients such as calcium, zinc, protein, vitamin D, vitamin A. Therefore, you are advised to add such foods to your meals daily.

Moreover, you should also consume a cup of milk every day to boost your height naturally.

  1. Avoid alcohol and caffeine

If you are a fan of such beverages as alcohol or caffeine, you should be careful because those drinks may be harmful to your overall health as well as the growth of height. Those drinks may trigger malnutrition, thereby preventing the process of getting full height.

Therefore, you better give up your habit of excessively consuming such beverages, otherwise you cannot improve your height. In case you find it too difficult to eliminate, try to restrict the consumption day by day.

  1. Smile

One more tip mentioned in this list is extremely easy. All you need is just open your mouth then smile every day. It sounds funny but effective. Based on some studies, smiling everyday has certain relations with the secretion of hormone GH in the body. Specifically, it helps increase this process.

Therefore, you should spend times to relax or hang out with friends, read some favourite books, watch some movies to boost your mood.