Cloning cannabis lets you have potentially dozens of the same plants going at once. This takes the guesswork from growing, and lets you know exactly the kind of strain and what kind of potency you have! Most professional growers prefer this way of doing things.

What are the benefits of cloned cannabis? How do you clone plants? Read on for the five benefits of cloning cannabis!

1. Faster Harvest

Using cuttings allows you to get a faster harvest since you are skipping the “germination phase” of a plant’s growth cycle. Seeds can take up to two to three weeks to get through the seedling stage, and that’s for an indoor plant. When using a cutting, as soon as the new plant’s roots can handle it, it’ll start growing, giving you a much faster harvest than you normally would have.

Along with a fast harvest, you also get more harvest per year. Because you’re skipping that entire first stage for the cuttings, you can fit an extra harvest into the cycle. This is especially true when you are growing indoors, as you can grow year-round.

2. Cuttings Are Cheaper

Seeds can get expensive, especially when buying from a reputable seed bank. Yes, you want to make sure you get great genetics, but this does drive up the cost somewhat, depending on the strain. Once you have your mother plant, however, you can grow as many plants as you can take cuttings from to clone it.

Remember, a strong mother plant can give you countless clones when you learn how to clone cannabis. And if you have a good, potent strain, you can then sell any excess cuttings for a decent price. The return on investment is a great motivator, but remember to sell only where it is legal to do so!

3. Female Plants

When not looking to breed your own plants, you want to avoid male plants as much as possible. In the case of cloned cannabis plants, as long as you take the cutting from a female plant the new plant will always be female. This is the better option, since feminized seeds are more expensive than regular ones, and you don’t want to drive up the price of your plants.

4. You Know What You Are Getting

While a seed pack will likely have the strain you want, not all the seeds will have the same phenotypes. Each plant that grows from the seeds will have slight differences in its potency and effects. If you take a cutting from the mother plant that you want, then you can predict what kind of plants you’ll get each harvest.

5. Genetic Preservation

Sometimes you get lucky and hit the jackpot with a plant that yields better than any of the others. You can either do a partial harvest so you can regrow it, or you can clone it and make sure that you can keep that exact genetic line going for a long time. This is less wasteful than trying to recreate it from seeds.

Cloning Cannabis

There are a lot of factors to keep in mind when cloning cannabis, but the advantages to cloning rather than seeds are many! Most dedicated growers prefer taking cuttings and this gives them an advantage.

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