Did you know that there are 10.4 million residential pools in the US? If you’ve just moved into a house with a pool, or just had one put in, then count yourself as lucky! You’ll be able to take a dip whenever you want, after all.

But in order to have a good (and safe) time, you need to properly maintain your pool. This means you’ve got to keep up with cleaning and maintenance.

Not sure what to expect? Here’s a brief pool cleaning cost guide that’ll help you budget better!

Average Cost of Pool Maintenance

On average, you can expect to pay anywhere between $80 to $150 a month on maintenance. Do note that if it’s your first time getting pool cleaning, it can cost between $150 to $350.

When you factor in all the costs of owning a pool (including water, electricity, and repairs in addition to maintenance), you might fork out over $5,000 a year!

Of course, there are some things that might affect how much you pay. Here’s what to consider.

Your Pool Size and Type

The larger your pool, the more you’ll pay for cleaning. This is because the cleaners have to use more products and spend more time on the job.

Also, there are several types of pools: above-ground, in-ground, chlorine, and saltwater. Prices can vary drastically between them.

For example, you’ll pay just around $90 per month for saltwater pool maintenance, while above-ground and in-ground pools will cost up to $90 per hour. In general, indoor swimming pools will cost less to maintain since there’s not as much debris and UV damage.

The Services You Need

Maintenance is a general term used for keeping your pool in good shape. But what services you’ll need for that to happen will depend on what’s affecting your pool.

For instance, if your pool needs a chlorine shock, this will cost extra. Or if you need a clean water line tile, this will cost more as well.

You can mitigate some of these costs by doing basic maintenance on your own. For example, regular skimming, vacuuming, testing the pH, and cleaning of filters can keep your pool cleaner for longer. You can even invest in an automatic vacuum so you don’t have to do manual work yourself!


If you stick with one company and use them regularly, you’ll probably be able to secure some discounts. Many offer weekly or monthly packages, so take advantage of these for some savings!

Use This Pool Cleaning Cost Guide to Budget Wisely

With this pool cleaning cost guide, you now know approximately how much to expect to maintain your pool.

Even if it seems like it’s too much, don’t skimp on maintenance. By keeping up with and caring for your pool, it’ll last you for many years to come! So set aside some of your earnings for pool maintenance, as it’ll be worth it when you have clean and safe water to swim in.

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