Do you want to enjoy the sun without having to step outside your home?

If you do, consider adding a sunroom! These are rooms with large windows and panels that allow sunlight to brighten up and warm the interiors. 

That said, you shouldn’t rush to get one. Consider these five factors first:

1. Function

One of the first things you need to know before adding a sunroom is its function. This will help you determine its size, location, and costs — all of which we’ll also tackle below. 

Some people use sunrooms as a study while others use one as a playroom or yoga and aerobics room. You can also use a sunroom as a meditation area or a gaming room for people who love tabletop games.

2. Size

Keep in mind that the bigger your sunroom, the more windows you’ll need. The whole point of a sunroom is to let natural sunlight in, after all. You’ll have to scale up the windows with the size of the room.

You’ll want large windows to get as much sunlight in as possible. This reduces the amount of electricity you’ll need for lighting and heating. Fortunately, you can get large, affordable windows intended for sunrooms at First Place Windows

3. Location

Before adding a sunroom to your house, take a moment to determine where you’ll place it. The location can make or break the experience. 

First, you need to make sure it gets enough sunlight. Know where east and west are because those are the directions the sun rises and sets in. Look out for things outside that could block the sun, like buildings or tall trees.

4. Cost of Adding a Sunroom

Is adding a sunroom a good investment? Does adding a sunroom increase home value? Yes, it can!

You’ll likely increase the value of your home by half of the expenditure. If adding on a sunroom cost you $20,000, for example, you’ll get at least half of that back when you sell your home.

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5. Type of Sunroom

You should also finalize which type of sunroom to get. A conservatory is a sunroom separated from the rest of the house. You can also get a half-type, which is a sunroom built from an extension. 

A three-season sunroom is one you can enjoy except during cold winters. If you want one that works all year round, get a four-season sunroom.

Consider Adding a Sunroom Today

Make sure you consider these five factors before adding a sunroom to your home. It can add value to your house but you’ll want to make sure it’s the right type and size. It also has to be in the right location to serve its purpose.

But why stop with a sunroom?

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