The blissful melodies of music and the radiant fire of love is that contagious combination which is quite hard to miss. Good music and a heart-warming love story is the name of that magical recipe which can melt the crudest of souls. The Indie music scene has witnessed mind-blowing talents over the years. Nevertheless, every time we see a new English video song, we do want to dig the internet for the latest gossip about the artist. We do want to know who’s dating whom in this heart-swooping industry or the names of the most enviable couples in the past few years. Don’t we?

Working for your career is good but when you find a partner with whom you can work together to build your career and still share that warmth of love then that’s great! In the recent times, Indie music industry has seen some adorable couples who have taken relationship goals to a whole new level. Here is a list of five Indie musicians you didn’t know were a couple.

#1. Win Butler and Régine Chassagne

If you believe love at first sight is a lost art, then this couple will urge you to think again. It was the year 2000 when Win went to Montreal and met his prospective wife Regina at McGill University. Win Butler and Régine got hitched in the year 2003. This was the same year when they formed their Indie Rock band –Arcade Fire. The bands maddening popularity left the fans wondering the future of the band had the artist separated. To everyone’s surprise they formed the greatest Indie music couple of all time and few years back gave birth to a healthy baby boy. Their radiant chemistry and screen like love story has inspired us beyond measure.

#2. Lana Del Rey and Barrie-James O’Neill

That heavenly voice and godly looks of Lana Del Rey has swept millions of people of their feet. However, it was her song ‘Off to Races’ where she talked about her ‘One True Love’. Lana sheds some light on her feelings for Barrie as she says. “It was electrifying. That’s what inspired the ‘Off to the Races’ melodies. That’s one of the times when you’re feeling electrified by someone else and they make you happy to be alive.” This couple was the heart-throb of the country when they got engaged in January 2014. However, this couple parted ways in November of the same year.

#3. Regina Spektor and Jack Dishel

The brilliant title track “You’ve Got Time” from ‘Orange is the New Black’ has not been able to dessert my recent playlist since the day I had first heard it. Apart from inspiring musicians with her exceptional musical prowess this Grammy-nominated artist has set some enviable relationship goals with her husband – Jack Dishel. The duo has worked on some splendid tracks like ‘Party Upstairs’ and ‘Call Brothers’ which has left us all soaked in their awe-inspiring charm.

#4. Ingrid Michaelson and Greg Laswell

The bespectacled singer-songwriter Ingrid Michaelson has been a global icon since a long time and so has this San-Diego based bearded Greg Laswell. But only few people know that they dated and stayed tied to the holy bond of matrimony for three years. Ingrid remembers, “At first I was the chaser, and then I became the chasee. At first it was like he wasn’t ready for it and I went to do my own thing. Then he was like ‘Wait, what?” Songs like “Take Everything, My Fight (For you), and Come clean” were the tracks where they worked together and they were as warm as their love story.

#5. Karen O and Angus Andrew

If you’ve heard the 2003’s super hit single “Maps” from “Fever to Tell” then I’m sure you would have seen the tears of Karen O. Just so that you know, those were real tears for her boyfriend – Angus Andrew. Karen O says, “They were real tears. My boyfriend at the time was supposed to come to the shoot – he was three hours late and I was just about to leave for tour. I didn’t think he was even going to come and this was the song that was written for him. He eventually showed up and I got myself in a real emotional state”. A leading website claims that “MAPS” is an acronym for “My Angus Please stay” pointing towards the frontrunner of ‘Liars’ – her boyfriend.

Hence these were five Indie Musician couple you didn’t know were a couple. They have expressed and explained the beauty of love besides being the masters of their craft. This list will definitely keep your morning coffee warm and your evening snacks saucy.