‘UX’ stands for User Experience. It’s one of the most fundamental things you need to get right. After all, users might forgive a dated design, but they can’t forgive a bad experience when using a product or service.

Getting the UX right can have a major impact on your building. Apple made a small tweak in their design following testing, and the number of support calls dropped by 90%.

Read on to learn five ways that a UX design agency can help your business.

1. Access High-Quality Customer Research

A UX design agency will always start by conducting extensive user research. This means you won’t spend time giving customers what you think they want. Instead, you’ll give them what they actually want.

The customer insights you’ll gain can steer everything from product development to marketing.

2. Improve the Usability of Your Products

You may think your products are usable as they are. After all, you created them so you know how they work at the deepest level.

Yet your customers may not always agree. A UX design agency will help you to answer fundamental questions about your product.

Is it easy to learn, and simple to use? Does the design stop them from making mistakes or help them fix them if they do happen?

How quickly can users do what they need to do using the product? Is that a satisfying experience?

Improving these areas naturally improves the usability of your products.

3. Create Rapid Prototypes

You don’t need to wait for months to build something to see if it works. Hire UX designers so you can get a working prototype. This helps you to see if the product works and what else it may need.

For example, you may want to create a customer loyalty program. Working with a UX design agency would help you build a prototype app to see how it performed.

See customer loyalty rewards with TCC for an example scheme. Combine UI and UX design in your prototype for the best results.

4. Encourage Collaboration

User-focused design can be difficult to achieve within a business that keeps teams in silos. It’s the responsibility of the whole company to make this form of design happen.

A UX design agency will help you set up collaborative teams that cross departments. Integrating designers with other teams also helps foster innovation.

Many UX design tools are flexible and promote collaboration across teams.

5. Cut Support Requests

Improving your user experience also means you cut the number of support requests you get. Customers can find what they need on their own.

This makes your products more enjoyable to use. Yet it also frees up your staff to continue innovating, instead of continually providing support.

Hire a UX Design Agency Today

These are just some of the benefits of hiring a UX design agency. You’ll also see new ways of working and gain valuable insights into your users and their needs.

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