We can all agree that you can find numerous types of shipping containers available on the market and most of them will serve you various purposes based on your requirements, and the goods you wish to place inside.

At the same time they come in different materials, sizes and other factors that will determine their usage. You should also remember that all of them have to pass reliability and safety standards before they enter the market.

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  • Dry Storage Container

One of the most popular and most commonly used shipping container types is dry storage, and you can find various sizes according to ISO. Standard sizes come in 10, 20, and 40 feet, but you can find variations within each size category.

For instance, if you decide to find 20-foot shipping container, it may look the same from the outside, but it can provide you different cargo configuration inside so that you can handle needs of handling cargo at receiving ports with ease.

  • Open-Top Container

When it comes to open top containers, you should remember that in most cases,they will come in twenty and forty feet dimensions and they contain a combination of wooden floor and corrugated steel.

The roof also features removable bows as well as door header that you can easily swivel out in case that you need it. These features will allow you to unpack and pack it from the top, which will increase the overall convenience of doing it.

For instance, it will be much more convenient to pack and unpack the container from a height by crab or crane when you open the roof especially in narrow areas where you cannot open side doors.

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  • Flat Rack Container

This particular type features collapsible sides that you can use for bulky cargo that you wish to load from the sides or top such as machinery, engines, pipes, and anything that requires significant space.

Have in mind that they come from high-end steel and you can find them in two standard sizes, which are 20 and 40 feet. Of course, you will be able to customize it per your preferences but you have to consult with the manufacturer to see whether your dimensions comply with regulations.

  • Open Side

These are standard storage containers, but the main difference is that you will be able to open sides so that you can load and unload heavy and large goods.

Most of them come with two bi-fold doors that come on both sides of the wall and you will be able to open them so that forklift can enter and place goods that you wish to transport.

  • Tunnel-Tainers

We can also call them double-enders, and the best thing about them is the ability to enjoy in double doors both of them eight feet. As soon as you decide to open both doors, the container will resemble a tunnel, which is the main reason for its descriptive name.

Have in mind that unloading and loading are much more accessible and convenient with this one when compared with standard containers. The main reason for that is that you do not have to unload all items from it so that you can reach the ones you need from the back.

This is a great consideration if you wish to store small items or items that you can move by using a forklift. Since two doors are more convenient, youwill be able to load and unload in a matter of minutes especially when compared with other types we willmention here.

  • Refrigerated ISO Containers

When it comes to this particular type of containers, you should remember that they are perfect for perishable goods and materials such as vegetables and fruits that you wish to move for long distances.

Since they come with built-in temperature regulated environment, you will be able to customize the interior temperature based on your preferences. That way, you can safely move whatever you want.

You can find them in various sizes based on your needs but have in mind that everything has to be regulated before you make up your mind.The shippers who do exports in Refrigerated Containers, should know about Rotainer.

  • Double Doors

You probably understand that the main difference between standard containers and these ones are the ability to gain access with more convenience since you will be able to open double doors.

That will provide you more efficient and flexible storage option than other types that you can find in here. You can find them in twenty and forty feet dimensions, which are standards.

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  • Cargo Storage Tanks

If you need a storage unit that will provide you the ability to place and transport liquid materials, you should use tanks. They are one of the most commonly used containers throughout the shipping industry.

You can find them in bolted steel and standard steel in combination with anti-corrosive materials so that you can use it for years after purchase. These materials are also vital because they will ensure that not everything you place inside will get affected by the materials used for the tank.

  • Foldable

On the other hand, foldable containers are great because you will be able to use them for various purposes, but the main one is to transport sets of materials and stacks you have.

Since they come from strong and thick wire mesh as well as rollers, you will be able to move them around with ease and without affecting the integrity of your goods.

You can find it in various colors and sizes, which makes it versatile for a wide array of industries.

  • Thermal or Insulated Containers

Similarly, as ones that will come with refrigerated ISO features, this particular one also comes with regulated temperature control, but with the ability to maintain a high temperature for long periods.

Since the materials will allow them to be both durable and undamaged by high temperature, they are perfect for long distance transportations.