We are less than a away from Christmas. Governments all across the world have issued guidelines to celebrate Christmas during the COVID-19 crisis. Right now, you are planning Christmas decorations, party and looking for the best Christmas gift ideas. After Christmas fever is over, you need to clean your house or office and get things back in order. The best advice one can give you is hiring Bel Air cleaners. They have the experience, tools and eco-friendly solutions to clean your house without using harmful chemicals. Your basic cleaning skills may not be enough to remove mold, or tape adhesive left behind after you remove decoration. The traditional soap and hot water solution may not work. So, Google ‘cleaning service near meto find the best-rated Baltimore cleaning services. If you still want to get your hands dirty, here are post-holiday cleaning tips. 


Keeping your fridge organized becomes a big challenge when you keep on putting stuff into it over the holidays. Go through everything. Remove the content of your fridge, check the expiry date of all food items, remove all the removable components and clean it. Clean bins and shelving. You can save some of your Christmas spendings for January.  


Your upholstery also goes through a lot of use and abuse. If you pay attention right away, there will be no stains. However, treating stains on upholstery becomes a hard nut to crack if ignored for days. If you have tried your best but to no avail, hire the best Bel Air cleaners. 


Christmas party, kids and pets will leave stains on your carpet. You should get rid of them as soon as possible. However, when you are busy making arrangements for Easy Halloween Decorations, Christmas decorations and party planning, these stains may go unnoticed. These tough stains come to your notice when you are vacuuming your carpets. Bel Air cleaners are equipped to remove those ugly, tough stains from carpets.    


After months of use, especially after the holiday season, your oven needs a thorough cleaning. A few spills can quickly turn into tough stains that are not easy to remove. If rubbing with a damp clean cloth does not work, use a steam cleaner. Or, hire one of the best Bel Air cleaners for residential cleaning. They will take care of your oven as well.        


How often do you clean the vacuum? It is a hard working appliance. Don’t be surprised if the filter is a mess. A clean vacuum performs well and also saves time. Vacuuming is an important post-holiday cleaning duty. Your vacuum has to be in good shape for this. 


Your dishwasher cleans a lot of dirty dishes during the holiday season. Don’t let gunk accumulate in your dishwasher as you may need to call professionals to clean it. You may miss some areas while cleaning it on your own. 


Bathrooms need a good cleaning after the holiday season. Basic cleaning cannot remove mold. It requires deep cleaning. You need to pay extra attention to the floor and walls.