Home decor is not just two words but the feeling which these two words have in them.

The meaning of home decor is to decorate your precious and lovely home, to make it the place of your dreams. 

There are many beautiful and unique products like a brass bookshelf, demijohn bottle, furniture, lights, rugs etc. available to give a distinctive and classy look to your home. 

We now live in the technological advanced world and the product of our desire is just one click away. This made many stores go online including home decor stores and one such store is Bone & Brass. This online store delivers your purchased item at your doorstep. 

Brass Bookshelf

The best brass bookshelves enhance your space with texture, dimension, and visual intrigue through a magnificent fusion of form and function. To create a well-styled vignette that satisfies all the criteria for furniture awesomeness, you can even incorporate decorative accents and sculptural items. The designers offer their recommendations for their favorite bookcases for each room and style because there are countless variations in terms of sizes and styles.

Traditional Bookshelf

These are the most straightforward designs you’ll see; they are also called bookcases. If you are wondering what they look like, imagine a tall, rectangular wooden fixture with equally spaced horizontal shelves.

These are often made of wood and have a very traditional appearance. They fit very nicely with any style of decor as a result. These bookcases are available in a variety of widths, heights, and wood finishes. These days, you can also get more inventive variations on the classic bookshelf, like those built entirely of brass bookshelf or even acrylic.

Modular Bookshelf

The modular style is the next kind of bookshelf on our list. Because they are made up of various modules or components, modular bookcases earn their name. They differ from conventional bookcases, which are one solid component, due to this. Since modular shelves typically arrive as a set, you’ll need to put them together once they get to your house.

Demijohn Bottle

A demijohn bottle is a large bottle with a narrow neck or teardrop form that is used to hold liquids like wine, olive oil, cider, vinegar, etc. The French word dame-jeanne is assumed to be the origin of the English demijohn. Although examples of these lovely bottles date back to the fourteenth century, the term is assumed to have originated in the seventeenth. These bottles were made in the United States, but the majority were imported from Europe.

How does a Demijohn Bottle transform the look of your house?

Focal point

Large demijohns provide stunning focal points on their own. They can be put in an entryway, next to a bench, by a fireplace, or beneath a table. You could add long branches if your ceilings are high!


Vases the size of a tabletop are beautiful. When you are not using it as a vase,  just place it on top of the hutch in my dining room, where it will remain on display until you need it again.

How to create a chic vase at home using an old lamp?

Purchase a demijohn; there are numerous DIY project possibilities with them. One of the imaginative design concepts can be chosen and customized to your preferences. Here are some of the most creative recycling concepts that allow for really exciting manual activities that enhance lovely décor: 

  • Put flowers or colored sand in a demijohn that has been used as a vase. 
  • Play around with musical compositions’ floral arrangements on a demo 
  • Design a Damascus lamp. 
  • Establish a plant terrarium.